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    Happy Birthday Roberteaux!

    Wishing you a happy birthday, good sir. Enjoy yourself today.:cheers2:
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    My bestfriend died.

    So sorry for your loss, Ryan .
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    Not like my dad's bike...

    Awesome stuff.. That's good, clean family fun, right there.....if a heavily spiked tire doesn't hit ya upside the head.:fingersx:
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    Your favourite TV theme song?

    I wouldn't say I have a 'favorite', but this sprang to mind immediately. Grew up with it and we watched it religiously. Jean Stapleton cracked me up every time she opened her mouth...even singing:laugh2:
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    What was it like for you?

    In the late 60's ( I was 10 or 11) I told my folks I wanted an electric guitar. I actually got one for Christmas:shock:. Took a dozen lessons, learned all the open chords, and a few songs. By the time I left home in '77, I really hadn't progressed much beyond that 11 y/o beginner. From '77 to...
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    It's Randy.

    Did a bunch of acting, too, iirc.
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    Cannabis experts, please help

    Hope you get this sorted out, J. You make your living from this , IIRC. Free samples* for all the posters in this thread? Think of all the free advertising:laugh2: * Offer only good in Canada:cool2::rofl: J/K
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    Goodbye Mr. Appendix

    Glad it worked out as well as it did......and it'll never happen again:thumb: Heal up.
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    It's Randy.

    Sooo, you're actually Randall T. Hex?
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    it was time for a change, so a new #1. BBQ content.

    Had burgers and sausages just last night. Perfect size for the me and the missus. Hadn't had a BBQ for a couple of years when two years ago, a co-worker said, "I got a brand new BBQ still in the box, that I don't need. $100." Done. Not much of a pic, but it's raining, so live with it.:laugh2:
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    What are your must own albums?

    If I could only keep five (rock) albums from my collection...... DSOTM Sticky Fingers Fandango Back In Black Chicago-Live At Carnegie Hall (yeah, it's a four LP what;))
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    Tell me about yourself.

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    Whatever my brain may have been expecting (from thread title) wasn't THAT:rofl::rofl:
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    I won't believe he's dead, until THIS guy says he's dead. (cuz then you know it's true)
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    Things you miss...

    I miss being able to hurl myself against the wall, repeatedly, and be able to go to work the next day.

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