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    What is this written on the inside of my control plate?

    I saw those, too...I still would have seen him...
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    NGD - 2022 Buttercream LPC & Cream SG Standard

    Shows class!
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    Customs are the best Les Paul’s

    Quite honestly, tho,I have a Burns Deja Vu with an ebony board...quite smooth...I wouldn't mind an LP Custom...
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    2012 Traditional Faded - 2 Guitars made 2 Days Apart!

    ...the Universe spoke, 3cm...Happy Birthday to us (9/6, here, too!) when it comes! ilc...those are a couple of gorgeous guitars...a great contrast!
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    2012 Traditional Faded - 2 Guitars made 2 Days Apart!

    ...been there...!
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    2012 Traditional Faded - 2 Guitars made 2 Days Apart!

    chic, did you change the year, then? I didn't see happinz!
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    Anyone else play their Teles more than their Les Pauls?

    My Momma said...never tawk about som'n else's (fill in word) when you're in their (store, house, brand, model)...
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    Norlin Experts: Deal or Not a Deal?

    I'm not big on Customs but Norman's, to me anyway, aren't half it...I would...
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    1952 Les Paul. Should I buy it? (I bought it)

    Yes...yes...a t'ousand times, yes! (...sorry, the German getting away from me...)
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    NAD Orange Micro Terror

    Yeah, you can run these thru full size bottoms too...I have a 1-15" I can try it on...1 NAD coming up!
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    NAD Orange Micro Terror

    "I'm mildly disappointed that they sent me a black speaker cabinet, as I wanted an orange one, but I'll live. LMAO" Yeah, like my Dad used to say, "paint's cheap!"
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    Is this legit?

    Here's Rudiyanto Sulaiman from FB: He couldn't even get up for the picture...
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    New Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow P-90s 2022 QC issues

    It's probably been said already, but if it plays and sounds good/great, the blemishes won't matter as much... I had a '59 Special that was faded and did not matter at all...try to consider it as character... It is a shame it's so new...
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    Seth Lover pickups into Slash Epi

    "Should I put Seth Lover pickups into my Novemberburst Slash Epi? I really like the pickups..." OK, do it...don't like the Pros, change it...
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    Les Paul Custom is #1. What kind of guitar should be #2?

    Whell, whatever you get, it bes' be a Les Paul...who ya' askin' the question to?

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