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    Buying my first Gibson, need help

    If possible, try both the 50's and 60' necks on a LP, as well as the SG neck. If you have some experience with Gibsons you may know this, but there are noticable differences. Some of the SG standards I've tried had a kind of clubby neck on them. Ordering a guitar is OK as long as you have some...
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    First Post, First LP

    Great looking rig. Congratulations.
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    So, who's right?

    One wears whatever she wants, one wears what she's told to. The one on the left can make the choice to cover herself completely if that's what she wants to do. The other risks death if she exposes herself. Unless someone's choice brings harm to another, the rest of us should butt out.
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    Opinions on this top please

    Are you buying a guitar to play, or something to hang on the wall to look at? Absolute perfection in a maple top is tough to come by, though if the look of it is that important, maybe you should pass on this guitar, especially if you can't play it before you buy. It could also be the most...
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    Differing Mindsets In Canada (And Elsewhere) And The US - What Causes Fear In The US?

    So a guy is in his home and somebody tries to set fire to it while he's there. This is an attempt on this man's life, and in defense of his and/or his family's lives, he is justified in taking the perpetrators' lives, or at least stopping them, either by detaining at gunpoint or shooting if...
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    Differing Mindsets In Canada (And Elsewhere) And The US - What Causes Fear In The US?

    Whenever a particular point of view is not understood, it's labeled as fear. The US has typically been made of people (until the last few years at least) who understand that in a free society, we must take care of ourselves and our own. Question for those in regions where individual armament...
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    Won over by new Les Pauls

    Gibson gets slapped around for their quality a lot lately. After playing several recently, I noticed that while a couple were clearly better than the others, none were bad, and had I gotten any of them thru mail order I wouldn't have been disappointed.
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    Why? So that we can have a OT thread that now stands at 3 pages in a forum where most people post about "Gibson Les Pauls".
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    So, I played a Taylor 110ce... Now talk me into getting it.

    I did the same thing a few years ago, played a lot accoustics looking for "The One". What eventually grabbed me after months of looking was a Taylor 110. Mine started out being a little tough to play but sounded gorgeous. A good setup made it play great and it still sounds sweet. Just suck...
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    NGD: Gibson Les Paul Studio

    Good looking guitar for a great price. I'd take 2 or 3 if I could find them for that kind of money.
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    Pick up cover help-- LP Trad Pro

    For a Trad Pro you need two neck covers. Used these on mine and they fit perfectly.
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    Les Paul Traditional PRO opinions

    The TP is a great guitar, and after playing several LP's including a 2008 Standard, a couple of Traditionals, and several Trad Pros, this one was the pick of the litter. None of the TP's were bad, (all were quite good actually) but a couple stood out over the rest. It's been said here a lot...
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    Les Paul Traditional PRO opinions

    Here's mine. I'm more into the covered look.
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    NGD! Studio faded cherry 2011!!

    Happy NGD. Great looking piece.
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    PRS SE owners unite!

    Zach Myers SE. Damn nice guitar. I play this one about as much as anything these days.