30+yr Bass player

now a NLP player. (An old fart with an old guitar)

Love to fix old stuff, clocks,



and guitars!

Head up a small band of merry men (and women!) known as The Angel Band 'cause we wing it!

1982 LP Standard Limited Edition #23 in Candy Apple Red

2018 Studio Deluxe IV in Midnight Caribbean Blue

A few mods later....

2017 Telecaster Thinline Deluxe in Candy Apple Red

???? MIM Stratocaster gutted and modded all to heck! Plays like butter...

Early 2000's?? American Deluxe Strat as I got it.

1989 Guild Advanced Pilot Bass.
December 29
The mountains of upstate New York
IT Mgr by Day/Sound guy by night/Guitar??


"Your request has been noted........One of our resident experts will be along shortly to provide you with the quality answer you deserve.
I am not one of them!" -Darrell V

"Hello! Not sure if genuine welcome, or sarcastic bot, but I'll assume it's the former!" -FRETW1ZARD :laugh2:

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"Hey, I need no help in looking stupid....All I need is a tiny bit of nonsupervision and it's on"... Ehb
1) .... a person may lose it under pressure, and I can understand this to a certain degree, but stupid has shine all its own.
2) Alvin/Nathan the son of a Romeo Rose test tube malfunction._Mudface

Visit Alvin for yourself for free!!!!! Click here if you dare! https://www.youtube.com/user/1FenderGuy/videos

MLP doesn't actually pay all that much, but Dave's black-market cake operation nets him a fortune. - Bill Hicklin
I knew it, I just knew it! It has always been assumed that DarrellV had a loose screw or two, but now we have confirmation from the horses mouth.
Not only is a screw loose, but it's in fact entirely missing; on purpose!!! :eek2: -JeffH66
Five guitars X 2 pickups x six amps X two channels = 120 ways to sound like $#!t -efstop
Electricity is like magic to me, it performs a trick and I end up shocked - Rando375
(How would 7's for Rufftuff sound, drop tuned? ) If I wanted my LP to sound like the bass guitar in Korn it would work. - Side Burns
Adulting is very overrated. Growing up was a terrible decision ...If anyone needs me, I'll be coloring in my blanket fort. -Gtarzan81
We are so steeped in mediocrity in this world, the exceptional becomes absurd. - Dav Grape

"And this is why the subscription price to MLP is worth EVERY penny." :D
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