30+yr Bass player

now a NLP player. (An old fart with an old guitar)

Love to fix old stuff, clocks,



and guitars!

Head up a small band of merry men (and women!) known as The Angel Band 'cause we wing it!

1982 LP Standard Limited Edition #23 in Candy Apple Red

2018 Studio Deluxe IV in Midnight Caribbean Blue

2018 Limited Edition Classic Player in Sunrise Orange

???? MIM Stratocaster gutted and modded all to heck! Plays like butter...

Early 2000's?? American Deluxe Strat as I got it.

1989 Guild Advanced Pilot Bass.
December 29
The mountains of upstate New York
IT Mgr by Day/Sound guy by night/Guitar??


John Caldwell (Bulletproof) Tribute Wall..

"Your request has been noted........One of our resident experts will be along shortly to provide you with the quality answer you deserve.
I am not one of them!" -Darrell V

:shock::dunno: :facepalm: :run: :slap:
"Hey, I need no help in looking stupid....All I need is a tiny bit of nonsupervision and it's on"... Ehb
1) .... a person may lose it under pressure, and I can understand this to a certain degree, but stupid has shine all its own.
2) Alvin/Nathan the son of a Romeo Rose test tube malfunction._Mudface

Visit Alvin for yourself for free!!!!! Click here if you dare! https://www.youtube.com/user/1FenderGuy/videos

MLP doesn't actually pay all that much, but Dave's black-market cake operation nets him a fortune. - Bill Hicklin
I just knew it! It has always been assumed that DarrellV had a loose screw or two, but now we have confirmation from the horses mouth.
Not only is a screw loose, but it's in fact entirely missing; on purpose!!! :eek2: -JeffH66
Five guitars X 2 pickups x six amps X two channels = 120 ways to sound like $#!t -efstop
Electricity is like magic to me, it performs a trick and I end up shocked - Rando375
Adulting is very overrated. Growing up was a terrible decision ...If anyone needs me, I'll be coloring in my blanket fort. -Gtarzan81
We are so steeped in mediocrity in this world, the exceptional becomes absurd. - Dav Grape

Oh crap, what have I done?! - Prometheus (founder of the Cupcake thread)
"And this is why the subscription price to MLP is worth EVERY penny." :D

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