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    How dark is a 60th Kindred?

    I’ve had both for a short time each (CME got returned due to cracks in the finish and the regular one had workmanship issues on the fretboard, amongst other things) and I agree with ya: CME definitely has a nicer looking Kindred.
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    How dark is a 60th Kindred?

    The CME Kindreds are a different color altogether, especially in the middle. A regular Kindred (non-CME) will have a darker rim color, very close to a current Gibson USA Tobacco Burst. You can see it’s brown up close, but from several steps back, it looks almost black. The rim on a CME has more...
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    NGD ‘19 50’s Standard

    Nice. I like that kind of flame on the production models. In my experience, the 50s Standard neck profile sits somewhere between a ‘58 and a current ‘59 RI. It’s the same general shape of a ‘58, but the depth measures more like a ‘59. The first time I tried a ‘58, it felt comfortable and just a...
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    LP Standard 60s questions

    Good lawd, what a terrible scraping job that is! Yeah, something like that absolutely has to go back. I’ve come across a couple of bad scrape jobs, but that’s the worst I’ve ever seen by far. My own 50s Standard came to me from Wildwood with a ridge all the way along each side, but it was...
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    In praise of The New Originals!

    I can't speak for every model or year, but I know for the Standard 50s and 60s they did, but they didn't include a blank for the 2019 Traditionals. Man, it's 15-20 bucks retail just to get a Gibson brand one. :facepalm:
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    Bursts Weight (1958-1960)

    Ohhh, ok. Gotcha. No, the reissues aren't chambered. Just lighter weight wood that's typically fairly resonant, to boot.
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    Bursts Weight (1958-1960)

    Huh? The average weight according to the OP was 8.77 pounds. You don’t need to chamber a reissue to get that weight. Not really sure what the rest of your comment is supposed to mean. If you’d care to elaborate, please do. Thanks. :)
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    Bursts Weight (1958-1960)

    Well, I do know that my '20 V1 R0 is exactly the same weight as the average, so that sits well with me. :hmm:
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    Gibson LP Real or Fake?????

    ....ok? Not really sure what that has to do with anything. I don't even recognize you, btw. :dunno:
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    Gibson LP Real or Fake?????

    I guess. I think it was the lack of anything indicating or coming across as sarcasm that did it.
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    Changing it up a bit: 50’s Standard Tobacco Burst

    Amber knobs and switch tip then you’re done, as far as I’m concerned.
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    Gibson LP Real or Fake?????

    A little too sharp? That looks like an LTD with a freaky ass neck and a Gibson headstock to me. Not even close to looking authentic.
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    Gibson 60th Anniversary 1959 QC Issue

    That issue right there is precisely why my new 2020 60th/R0 V1 is at Gibson right now with me trying to figure out when I can expect it back. My guitar has been gone just over 2 months now- longer than I had it in my hands- and tomorrow will mark the third email and an entire month since I...
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    2019 Traditional

    Right down the middle. Looking at the back, the grain on the right side is straight up and down while the left is running on an angle. You can see the difference between the two sides at the middle. For future reference, the easiest way to check is to look at the bottom of the guitar (at or...
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    2019 Traditional

    I have one of these too and it sounds killer. I don’t mean to be a downer if you were really hoping, but that’s clearly a two piece back. Don’t let it bug you, though. Not a thing wrong with that (unless you’re paying reissue money).

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