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    Murphy lab basic questions

    There’s no rhyme or reason. I’ve seen great tops, dog tops, straight backs, curly backs, and weights between 8 and over 9 pounds on these. Anyone here claiming that there’s any special selection process to these new Murphy Lab guitars is, quite frankly, talking out of their derrière.
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    Whats your all time favorite guitar pick ? Pick as in plectrum

    Me too! I used to be a Tortex .88 guy when I was a teen and moved to .73 after a while. However, I got tired of buying 12 packs of Tortex picks where half of them were curved rather than flat. I only get one or two of those (if that) with the Ernie Ball picks. They’re great.
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    NGD: Dream R8 with a Ding!

    Seems to me that a sticker on the guitar is a lot more conspicuous than a simple and common ding on the underside, along with more than likely causing harm to the finish in that area due to the adhesive. But hey….you do you. It’s a great looking guitar otherwise. :)
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    NGD 2020 R8

    Great top and color! Congrats. :)
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    Wildwood Guitars - Negotiating With

    You may have more luck if you’re paying up front and not financing, since they have to pay the finance company when it’s a zero interest loan. That goes for a lot of retailers.
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    PSA.. Killer 50’s Standard plain top Cherry Sunburst at Sweetwater

    Obviously a two piece top. The seam can be seen between the pickups as well. I ought to post a picture of my Butterscotch Blonde Fender Professional Tele. Now there’s a guitar with a hard to spot seam.
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    Just read where Gibson is raising their prices next week…

    Sweetwater has it priced the same as Gibson’s site- $500 more. That’s ridiculous.
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    New Gibson - QC issues?

    No, not on that guitar. The one I own and had the fretboard scraped just had a rough texture, similar to the pictures posted. One of the two Slash Standards I bought previously went back because that one DID have dings in the fretboard, along with a poorly finished fretboard filled with file...
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    New Gibson - QC issues?

    I agree with this. I have some minor stuff like that with the binding on a few spots of my Slash Standard and it doesn’t affect playability at all. The binding surface at the fretboard isn’t perfectly straight at a few fret spaces on the high E side of the board and if you’ve seen how these the...
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    New Gibson - QC issues?

    There is that, but also, when you find an awesome axe, if it takes a mere 30 bucks to smooth out the fretboard to my liking (or some other minor work), it’s not worth the time and effort of calling and workin with the dealer in order to get an RMA and shipping label, boxing it up and shipping it...
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    New Gibson - QC issues?

    That may be true. However, given how tough it can be to find a Gibson that ticks every other box I have, I don’t have an issue paying a measly $30 to make that happen. OR, I can send it back over something that takes a half hour and an hour’s pay to clear up and try again, ending up with...
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    New Gibson - QC issues?

    I had a similar fretboard surface on a Slash Standard I recently purchased. I took it to a local repair shop (Portland Fretworks) to ask if anything could be done and the guy told me to come back in half an hour. I went down the street for ice cream while he did a fretboard scrape with a razor...
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    Slash Vermillion Burst

    You haven’t even gotten it yet and you’re already convinced you want different pickups? Try them out first! Give it a month and see how you like them. They’re actually really good pickups, I think.
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    blue book of guitar values

    Blue book is useless, even in lieu of current events. The market dictates the price and the price is always changing. It could be something as simple as a few sellers in a row accepting lower offers and bam- the selling price of the item is now recognized as lower. A few weeks later, that can...
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    2020's Gibson Les Paul Standard 50's finish issues

    I imagine he’s outside the return window by this point.:hmm::lol:

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