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    An Odd Gig Opportunity

    I know you. You can do obnoxious.
  2. danohat - My Collection anybody?

    My guitar collection is like my gun collection or cash. Nunya.
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    Roller coaster

    My dad was supposed to die about every day for almost 7 years. He spent long stints at St. Marys, St Joe's, Henry Ford, Cleveland Clinic, U of M, and home.
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    NUHD turning s*** into gold!

    I renovated hundreds of Red Roof Inn rooms. My short spell as a commercial carpenter.
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    Where are you at right now? Show a picture

    Morning coffee with the baby
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    I remember the day, the weather, the radio, where I was. Everything is still crystal clear.
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    Lead Guitar on Shake Your Money Maker

    This thread has caused me to look up the term "Sweet F.A., which I assumed to mean sweet fuck all. What followed next was one of the most gruesome crime stories I've ever heard of. Ew.
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    Your first Rock Album ??

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    James never knew ...

    I like to scare my kids. I'll occasionally yell out "Hey!!!!" when I am lurking behind a door or in a dark hallway. They don't enjoy it. But..... I do!
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    What songs do you guys like to play when testing stuff out?

    Ha! Of course! I cracked up just reading your response!
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    What songs do you guys like to play when testing stuff out?

    Bertie Higgins. Anything by Bertie Higgins.

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