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    Five piece top, 73 Custom

    More pieces = more tone
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    Hot pickups for Les Paul

    Duncan distortion. You’re welcome!;)
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    Serial number mystery. 2003 Brazilian Rosewood R8

    “Most of the time”
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    Pulling my new to me 79 custom apart. I have questions :)

    I removed the cover on the neck pickup; it’s a T top dated 1978 and the bridge has a DDJ. The flipped pickup on the 81 is to replicate Adam’s 79, but my 79 is replicating his 81.
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    Pulling my new to me 79 custom apart. I have questions :)

    Awesome! I’ve been meaning to get my Silverburst refretted, for the exact same reason.
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    Love the way it plays HATE the way it looks , What to do ?!? HELP

    Looks nice! Get it in the sun and take some shots of it.
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    SG '61 Reissue

    Yeah, they're not too bad.
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    Are LP's Custom that good?

    A chance to show off one of my customs? Sure I’ll jump on board :D
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    NGD: 1974/1975 Les Paul Goldtop Deluxe

    You might want to look into selling some of those so you can grab one....or two ;)
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    I did a thing (NGD)

    Nice!!! HNGD!
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    Question on Norlin Cases

    I love the look of the purple ones! So cool!
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    NGD - 1979 LPC Wine Red

    Very nice! I'm concerned about it being on that stand. Is it nitro safe?
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    SG '61 Reissue

    Very nice! I have one of those and they’re really nice. I put a Les Paul truss rod cover and a chrome pick-guard on it. Note: has the original pickups back in it
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    What is the best Gibson for travelling with?

    Something that’s had it’s headstock broken off already would be a good choice.
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    First Post! 84 Standard w/ Candy Apple Red Finish?

    @DarrellV you still here buddy?

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