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    1960 Gibson Les Paul DC Special TV Finish

    Here are photos of the guitar taken in 2004 prior to restoration:
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    1960 Gibson Les Paul DC Special TV Finish

    Up for sale is a 1960 Les Paul DC Special - This is not a collectors grade guitar as it has been refinished, however there have never been any breaks, and it retains most all of its original parts. When I bought this guitar in 2004, its finish was had been stripped down to bare wood. The good...
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    Line 6 Helix Floor Processor - as new condition

    Up for grabs is a Line 6 Helix Floor Processor. This unit is in as new condition and includes all packaging and documentation. The unit is updated to the latest firmware and everything is in perfect working order. Also included is USB flash drive that contains over 700 Helix patches and 8000...
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    2010 Reissue Pickguard

    From 1998-2008, the Historic pickguard was made for 2-1/4” pickup spacing. The color was what I would call a sandy-tan. In 2009, the pickup spacing changed to 2-5/16”. This pickguard was used on the regular Historic Les Pauls through 2016. The color was same sandy-tan. In 2015, the True...
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    Post Your Pedal Board Order

    I’ve been using modeler/multi-effects units exclusively for a good 7-8 years now and I’ve since sold off all of my pedals, however here are photos of the last board I used, which I think was the third one I constructed as my needs evolved. I had it wired for 4-cable mode such that the wah and...
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    NGD: 2016 Gibson R8 Bourbon Burst

    Beautiful color on that one. Very vintage-looking.
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    Did anyone here ever get a Burstdriver???

    I've never heard of this model either. As far as a look-a-like for 9-0905, here's a 2005 Murphy R9 that I no longer own which also has a top that's quite similar
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    WTB - Looking for a pickguard bracket for my Gibson ES-333

    Drop me an email at - Dan
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    Why do this to a beautiful Gibson Historic

    I believe that they put more effort into writing the story than developing a decent-looking relic process.
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    Gibson les paul junior CS reissue 2006 vs 2019

    I bought my 2010 VOS Junior for $1300 on eBay in 2012 I believe. Its lightweight and just as much fun as nice as a vintage Junior IMO. 2010 & 1955
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    R9 quartet

    Nice tops on all four. :dude: