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    I want an English name. Advise?

    'Bama McCall.
  2. Dan

    Mr. 3000

    Damn Bernie, didn't you get the memo?
  3. Dan

    oh no, this better not be the next fashion trend

    No farmer's tan at least.
  4. Dan

    Promotion test tomorrow...

    Congrats, bud. You're a swell fellow and can't say how pleased I am for you!
  5. Dan

    Died apparently Yoda did...

    That is why you fail.
  6. Dan

    Huh. I might be a Strat Man after all!

    While not quite along the lines of the typical super strat, i do love my Axis. There's just something about 'em.
  7. Dan

    most powerful computer

    Play Doom.
  8. Dan

    NGD!! Gretsch Billy Bo!!

    I hate you.
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    The Walking Dead - 10/28/12 - MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

    The governor is as sinister as his comic counterpart, I would say even more so since he has a clean-cut appearance in the show. I'm glad they left his "tv" in the show. In the comic, he sits downs on front of them and makes a comment about having all these channels and nothing being on...
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    holy crap, this gun is loud

    I've got a Model 7 in 7-08mm myself, best deer rifle ever.
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    So Who Loves Flying Vs?

    I love my Melody Maker V, an awesome guitar in an awesome shape. I also love the Reverend Volcano V, a really cool take on the traditional V.
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    Fender Cabronita Telecaster

    I have loved the Carbronitas since I first saw the the Custom shop models. By making this new model in a more accessible price range, they have made a very savvy choice. I bet they'll sell every one of them that they make.
  13. Dan

    New IPad Day!

    I love mine. I only turn on my PC now to play games.

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