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    How Long To Warm The Tubes???

    For those old enough to remember tube TVs, you just turned them on and they warmed up in real time.
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    Good pedal for Marshall crunch rhythm sound

    Try the Tone City Model M.
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    Small Amps

    If you want a really good tube amp, for the money you can't beat the Monoprice 15 watt amp. Tons of reviews online.
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    Recommend me a Marshall Plexi style pedal.

    Check out the Tone City Model M. Great pedal.
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    Anyone used these :
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    Who's Still Rockin' the Tweaker 15's?

    Picked one up in October and love the amp! Still haven't swapped tubes yet. Dale
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    Turn Off Email Notifications?

    So I've disabled on the notification checkboxes I can find under my profile, but I still keep getting email notifications whenever somebody posts on the forums. How can I turn this off? Thanks! Dale
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    Playing for 12+ years.. I still suck.

    I was the same way for years. Decided that I wasn't putting in the time practicing scales and learning theory. Now I spend at least two hours a day on just exercises. And relative to where I was, I'm way better than I used to be. Keep plugging away and you'll get there. Dale
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    Bedroom amp - modeling or analog solid state

    Egnater Tweaker 15 is worth looking at.
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    Who's Who in Tube Amps

    New here, but I have the Blackstar HT1R and the Egnater Tweaker 15. The HT1R sounds incredible with my Les Paul, and the Tweaker 15 does Fender extremely well.
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    Official Egnater Tweaker 15 Tube Swapping Thread!

    Just bought a Tweaker 15 and love this thing! Looking forward to some tube swapping. Dale
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    Who’s Les Paul Tone Are You Really Liking Right Now?

    I know it's overstated and obvious, but Gary Moore!!
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    New Amp for Gibson Les Paul

    I have the Blackstar HT1R and it was made for a Les Paul. It simply rocks that guitar!!
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    Historic Makeovers Site is Down

    What's the URL ?