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    How Do You Treat Your Les Pauls?

    I play and record with mine daily so it's on a stand.
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    Curious- gig with your Historic??

    You can't take them with you when you go to the big rehearsal space in the sky, so just gig with them. And your kids and grandkids don't care as much as you do about your guitar so there's that.
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    Post an original song you wrote!

    Can I post my instrumentals?
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    How Long To Warm The Tubes???

    For those old enough to remember tube TVs, you just turned them on and they warmed up in real time.
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    Good pedal for Marshall crunch rhythm sound

    Try the Tone City Model M.
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    Small Amps

    If you want a really good tube amp, for the money you can't beat the Monoprice 15 watt amp. Tons of reviews online.
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    Recommend me a Marshall Plexi style pedal.

    Check out the Tone City Model M. Great pedal.
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    Anyone used these :
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    Who's Still Rockin' the Tweaker 15's?

    Picked one up in October and love the amp! Still haven't swapped tubes yet. Dale
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    Turn Off Email Notifications?

    So I've disabled on the notification checkboxes I can find under my profile, but I still keep getting email notifications whenever somebody posts on the forums. How can I turn this off? Thanks! Dale
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    Playing for 12+ years.. I still suck.

    I was the same way for years. Decided that I wasn't putting in the time practicing scales and learning theory. Now I spend at least two hours a day on just exercises. And relative to where I was, I'm way better than I used to be. Keep plugging away and you'll get there. Dale
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    Bedroom amp - modeling or analog solid state

    Egnater Tweaker 15 is worth looking at.
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    Who's Who in Tube Amps

    New here, but I have the Blackstar HT1R and the Egnater Tweaker 15. The HT1R sounds incredible with my Les Paul, and the Tweaker 15 does Fender extremely well.

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