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    If humans ever made anything sexier...

    A quarter century later the 916 still makes my heart skip a beat.

    The song you relate to the most?


    Frustrated w/ T-top's

    My only experiences were with a late 70’s Stamped T top and a Pat Sticker set. Both of which had made their way into the bridge of my Page and matched with the Page bucker A3 neck. Pat sticker was smooth, very good. I had better sonic results with the stamped T top. perhaps it was just the...

    Older SD '59 worth repairing?

    100% recommend James. He has fixed a few pickups for me as well and saved them. I even think one might have been an 80’s 59BJ as well. I think it might have been converted to 4 wire. I had a fixation with the mid 80’s 59’s. Butyrate bobbins and a lot of people say they sound better.

    now that's an odd sign to see in a doctor's office.

    It should be in retail stores too. Ive seen some pretty unhinged behaviour over the years. Sometimes it’s intentional because they just want the management to cave when the customer is completely in the wrong and trying to abuse policies.

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    Tinted binding and headstock finishing.

    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    Very cool but I was interested to know if there was info on his Orange AD30. The one he used with the Black Crowes and the O2 concert.

    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    I’m going to get the book. Is there any info/pics on his AD30?

    jokes & funnies.

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    jokes & funnies.

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    jokes & funnies.

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    Prime Day “Deals”

    I watched just for his cowboy coffee but the old timey ways of cooking intrigued me. Perhaps i’m liking simplicity more as I get older.
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    jokes & funnies.

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    Has Gibson ever done a USA LP DC with humbuckers and 4 knobs?

    I really love the look of DC’s but not so fond of the neck pickup position where both HB’s are so close together. Is that because of where the neck route would be in relation to the heel?
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    jokes & funnies.

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