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    LP Standard Negative Comments

    When it comes to guitars, what matters is not what others like. It's what you like. If you like the feel, playability & sound of your guitar then that's all that matters. Those guys were immature to comment like they did. Music - especially guitar based music - is about expression & feeling...
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    Sold - Please Delete

    Congrats...but you're gonna miss it! :oops:
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    Feeler: 1997 Monster Top (OTPG pups)!!!

    That's a beautifully bookmatched top for an R8! GLWTS!
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    WTB Fender Eric Clapton Custom Shop Strat Limited Edition EC Grey

    Wow. Just saw 3 of these come up for sale now this week! ...nah, just kidding! Glad you found your unicorn, Crotch!
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    1963 Fender Stratocaster

    OK, it's time to fess up, morrisman77 - you always seem to have such killer original & hard to find gear. YOU HAVE A WORKING TIME MACHINE, don't you? :shock:
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    FS 16 R9 Dirty Lemon **SOLD!!!**

    Same here...
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    SOLD. Please delete

    Weekend bump for a sweet guitar!
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    Sold. 2018 Gibson Les Paul Traditional.

    Nice one. GLWTS!
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    I'm sure that helps him alot.
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    FS: 2019 60th Anniversary R9 - Green Lemon Fade VOS - 8 lbs 1oz - BRAND NEW

    Wow! I wish that I had some extra cash for that laying around. That's a beautiful guitar w/ great specs. GLWTS.
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    SOLD. Please delete

    Bump up for a great guitar!
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    KILLER FLAME - 2002 Gibson Les Paul Studio Premium Plus

    So who is the lucky new owner?

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