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    Goldtop with white pickups

    Here's a couple more. I had white/crème on some others however have changed to black again.
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    Welcome. I have a few of these THE PAUL's and it looks to have had an aftermarket whammy bar routed out and someone cut a block and blocked the hole and reinstalled the tunomatic. Also non original tuning keys and pickguard added. Here is what it should look like. Hope that helps, play her in...
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    Gibson website specs over the years

    I have a few Les Paul's and SG's of the 2015 variety. Mine are stunning and play so smooth it's incredible. Also found my 2014 SG with 61 Zebra's. Works great. Gibson does give fairly good specs on certain years and models agreed.
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    I have seen Gibson specs on theses 2015's. Can anyone offer any mores thoughts on this subject. I am awaiting one to arrive. Will post pics when received. Just inquired for Titanium nut and Gibson answered within 2 hours. Say they are sending replacement. Very good. Thank you.
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    Think I'm Back Into Explorer Guitars Being My Favorite

    Now look what happened. Too many nice guitars. I just received this in a very good case. I am hooked again.....Thanks!
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    Show your Les Paul Studio, Tribute, Special, ...

    Here is one I just received. A very nice Smartwood indeed!
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    Show your Les Paul Studio, Tribute, Special, ...

    I have a few of The Smartwood series . Here they are.
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    2004 - The Paul?

    here you go..... 1979, 1980, 1978, have more however you get the idea of THE PAUL. A stripped down awesome version with ebony board and the other is walnut body and ebony. Very cool.
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    He now just relisted as a Chibson and he quotes item #263585064434. " Up for auction is a Les Paul Traditional electric guitar Apparently called a Chibson and made in China although it shows made in USA on the headstock This guitar plays and sounds fantastic Small chip on the headstock beside...
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    This is what I just received from him on New message from: jimboologo (192) FYI: I tried to pull the add and relist it, not an option, I have contacted customer service to see what they can do, in the meantime i have added a note stating it is made in china, also FYI: i did not know...
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    He just replied to me.......... ew message from: jimboologo (192) I am not a thief or con man, I was not aware this is a replica, if you are correct i will revise the listing He is still ripping off someone since it is a $200. guitar and bids are over $500...
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    Item # 263582800311 Fake Traditional on Ebay from Ontario Canada . I have reported it and asked Ebay to check it out. Also sent message to seller. 2014 with a 2006 Serial number. What a joke. Please someone else report this too before someone gets ripped off.
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    Chibson Fakes Are Getting Alot Better! Scary!

    He sent me this, whatever the hell that means? New message from: classactcustoms52 (36) pcg. New message from: classactcustoms52 (36) i have no idea whats makes you say that?? I told him again and this is what he sends back when I told him he was full o crap.
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    Chibson Fakes Are Getting Alot Better! Scary!

    He is back again on Ebay, this time with another bs story......Item #142732094287. Please check it out AGAIN! Quote from ad; "the WAR DOG'' is back!!! AFTER shippers CRACKED THE NECK, FORTUNATELY ACE'' SLASHS GUITAR LUTHIER WAS ABLE TO RE-PAIR HER AS HES VERY USED TO IT!! ON'' SLASHS...
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    Chibson Fakes Are Getting Alot Better! Scary!

    New message from: classactcustoms52 (35) i am very sorry but this is not fake by any means Reply This is what the dude just sent me 5 mins ago. This was his answer to my questions. Someone else report him to Ebay . I have already.

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