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    Gibson Custom Shop Historic 1960 Les Paul Special Single Cut Reissue 2003 BLACK

    Sale or Trade She's a beautiful specimen and possibly rare... at least it seems pretty hard to find a black LP special historic. She's almost 20 years old and in FANTASTIC condition. Very minor play wear with a few small dings and a tiny bit of light scratching. Frets have 90%+ life in them...
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    Sold 2019 Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    Happy Monday Everyone! Is today the day you pick up a sweet TV yellow special?
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    Sold 2019 Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    LP Special Saturday Bump!
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    Sold 2019 Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    To the top, my friends! Don't be shy!
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    Sold 2019 Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    Sold please delete
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    WTB - 58 Korina V

    not unless i win the lotto :) I guess i should update my post :)
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    WTB - 58 Korina V

    as the title says, i'm looking for a 58 Korina V reissue / replica... be it gibson or a good replica. please no Epi's. PM me with info, pics, price. Thanks!
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    Throbak p90 Covers - Lightly aged creme

    Got these for my vintage '54 LP, but decided to keep it all stock. Time for these go to a better home than my parts bin. Throbak P-90 Soap Bar Cover-Aged cream with cracks down the center lightly aged. Literally only had them on the guitar to check fit when i decided to keep the guitar stock...
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    Aged Gold Wolfetone Marshallheads

    Hi Everyone, i'm going through some boxes of parts i've been stashing, time to clear some things out. Details: Wolfetone Aged Gold Marshallhead Humbuckers Model Name: Marshallheads (Gold) Bobbins: Standard Zebra (creme on the slug side) Covers: Aged Gold (aged by Wolfe) Wiring: Vintage...
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    FS/FT: Kauer Starliner

    beautiful axe. Love my starliner... hell, love all my Kauers :)
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    Starliners Galore!! First production batch done!

    all i have to say is that all of these sound AMAZING, but for me, it's the blue one! These Starliners sound, balance, feel, look, etc... Fan-F'in-tastic! Scott got way better pics than whoever took this with their phone friday night, but below is a mild action shot ;) I still don't even think...
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    FS: Light weight 1 piece body 57BB 2 humbucker Reissue (2008)

    Still here! who needs a killer custom?

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