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    NGD - Ibanez IC400 Iceman

    Very nice! I had a IC400 myself a few years back, but passed it along. I really wish I hadn't. It's funny that you mention the sound being harsh. My IC400 was easily the most mellow sounding of my humbucker equipped guitars. Lots of bass and low mids, but the upper mids and highs were...
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    Is this a joke?

    Yes, he did. It's the V he used in the early days of Metallica, before drifting over to Gibson Explorers.
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    Fender Jazz or Precision?

    I prefer the Precision Bass. The pickup has a thump that the Jazz just can't cop, even if you solo the neck pickup. I also prefer the wider neck.
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    The amazing Les Paul Studio

    The first Les Paul I ever really wanted was one of the 90's wine red Studios, back when they have ebony fretboards. I'd still love to pick one of those up some day. In the meantime, I have this. Picked up used a number of years ago from Greg Platzer. Not much original on it besides the...
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    DOD Grunge FX69

    Glad you're enjoying yours. I picked up one of the originals when they first came out, and I picked up one of the newer ones a few years back out of nostalgia. Both sound like broken vacuum cleaners to my ears, but to each his own!
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    name this guitar

    I've seen that guitar before, in the ad section of Guitar Player or Premier Guitar magazine. If anyone has access to any issues from a few years back, it might be worth a look. I may flip through a few issues when I get home.
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    NPD EHX Nano POG

    The Micro and Nano Pogs just provide octave up and octave down pitch shifters. They have three controls which adjust the relative levels of the octave signals and the dry signals. Just listen to the videos.
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    What was your best purchase this year?

    Snagged this during one of the Lovepedal half-off sales. Very cool pedal.
  9. Lovepedal Super Sic Tone

    Lovepedal Super Sic Tone

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    A Guitar wishlist thread :P

    I'm pretty happy with my current setup, although I'd like to get my P-90 equipped Les Paul worked on a bit. I'd also like a Gretsch, or a guitar in that style. Maybe a Reverend with Filtertrons and a Bigsby in orange.
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    Neck or no neck?

    A neck on a guitar is just a solution in search of a problem. I wish Leo Felcher had never invented them. If you can't play guitar without a neck, electronic tuners, effects pedals, and an amplifier, then you're just not a very good guitar player.
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    Which "Classic" Guitar Haven't you owned?

    I've had Les Pauls and an SG, Teles and Strats. Sold the SG, and while I sometimes regret it, I never did quite like the way it balanced. GREAT upper fret access though, and easy guitar to play seated. I had an Ibanez Iceman for a while, but moved it on. It was very nice, but the tone...
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    NGD - Fender Baja Telecaster in Vegas Gold

    Six months later and I'm still loving this guitar. My Les Pauls are getting much, much less play. It's pretty much perfect for me.
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    DOD Corrosion Pedal

    There are a couple of guys locally who could probably do it (including Keith from Machine Head Pedals), but I just haven't had the motivation to get it done. It's an EASY fix (switch one capacitor for another), but it requires being handy with a soldering iron, and I'm absolutely terrible at...
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    DOD Corrosion Pedal

    I've heard the footswitch problem is a pretty easy fix. America's Pedal - FX switch repair I just gave away my last DOD pedal rather than deal with the broken switch issue (the aforementioned Grunge). Now I just need to figure out how to fix the switch on my Ibanez Classic Metal...

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