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    Routed my 71

    I know the purists all hate the 'crime' you committed, but they don't know how nice a P90 in the neck with a Humbucker in the bridge is. The combination provides the best of both worlds. It's what has me eyeballing cheap Gibson Futuras. Let's face it. Your guitar is nice, but it's not a...
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    NGD - 2015 LPC Tiger

    Looks great! This is right on the fine line of Gibson Customs between underwhelming and gaudy. I'd love to have that beast of a guitar. HNGD! Almost forgot to mention 60's necks are my favorite.
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    NGD- Iommi SG Custom

    Awesome SG. They look so slick in black; it sometimes makes me question getting a burst myself. Even though I was super excited when this run was announced, I'm only recently discovering Tony's work. He's one of the greats and has great tastes. HNGD!
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    Les Paul Swamp Ash 2016

    I think it's bull-crap. Why make a guitar with less features cost more? I'd love this guitar for the price if it were given the proper headstock inlays and binding. But what's keeping me from buying a 2016 SG Std P90 as of now? Oh, no ugly batwing pickguard (Just my opinion :thumb:).
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    How's this for guitar player "logic"?

    I don't understand the question. The only answer I can think of is you're actually losing potential guitars now. Go buy another goldtop.
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    NGD ~ NOS 2011 Pelham Blue Junior ~ Score!

    $589? FIVE EIGHTY NINE? I'm super jealous as I'm looking for a Junior myself. It's beautiful. HNGD.
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    My first Les Paul: 2013 Traditional

    NGD and awesome guitar. I'm a huge fan of the Traditionals, but prefer the 60's necks as I'm a SG fan. Hope you keep those sweet zebras as they really pop on your guitar!
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    NGD: 1962 Epiphone Professional

    I didn't interpret the tone as only expressing an opinion as some seemed like they were saying he did something wrong, but that could just be on me. I welcome opinions, but some people didn't even congratulate him on his NGD and great find. Also, he even stated he wanted this guitar because...
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    NGD: 1962 Epiphone Professional

    Cool guitar, Jura. Don't mind the people harassing you about modding it. You were focusing on what makes it a better player for YOURSELF, the owner and the one who spent money. If they think it's such a historic guitar, they should have one by now. Anyway, you're going to play it and ruin...
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    How to get Epiphone Pickups?

    That's the same supply store I got my custom Gibson truss rod covers. Great shop, Great find. :thumb:
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    NUGD Signature T Gold Top

    Glad you got rid of the mullet. That gold top is awesome. HNDG!!!
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    My new Iommi SG Signature arrived today!

    Killer guitar. HNGD. I love the no-pole piece cover, and the tuners are better looking than the grover kidneys. My only complaint is that it needs a white binding matching nut, and it would be perfect. :naughty: Also, it may likely be a fake. The one Iommi is holding on the certificate is...
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    *Gibson vs Epiphone*

    I'm not exactly sure how exactly a guitar produces the end sounds, but you're basically saying the conductors moving inside the magnetic field is inducing an Emf in accordance with Faraday's Law, correct? I haven't read all of the posts because I don't have that kind of time :D but I like the...
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    *Gibson vs Epiphone*

    So does an Epiphone or a Gibson sound better with nylon strings?
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    *Gibson vs Epiphone*

    Is that your guitar? I must admit I was eye balling those. I LOVE the Maestro vibrolas and the headstock binding but didn't like how you can see the grain's 3Dness through the clear coat (plus I already had a Lake Placcid Strat :naughty:). If I could, I'd slap a Vibrola on my Gibby SG. I...

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