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    Just imagine what else would blow her mind

    She was only a few steps up from being able to feed herself.
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    Just imagine what else would blow her mind

    Had he labelled ALL women what he did, THAT would be misogyny. But he didn't. He made an observation about one, particular moron.
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    Just imagine what else would blow her mind

    She proved herself incapable in the video.
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    The September Issue of "Crap Women Don't Do"

    Or, "how to F Up 4 firearms."
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    "Downgrading" to Epiphone

    I prefer to lady f*ck Gibson myself (as in Gibson is the lady).
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    "Downgrading" to Epiphone

    I wonder. If you used nut sauce, would PRS' be less sterile?
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    Advice on selling my Les Paul

    FWIW, Sold price history from the Reverb site you referenced
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    "Downgrading" to Epiphone

    Gee another thread that has to tear down one, in order to laud the other, pass. Enjoy what you want, no need to urinate on others to do so. :io:
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    One for us tube snobs

    So what are next weeks Lottery numbers? After all, the album doesn't release until Oct 1, and you seem to know it sucks ahead of time........
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    iRig? or other silent practice option?

    Fender Mustang Micro. Even allows for blue tooth from phone to Micro to play the backing tracks. Cost you $99
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    What's the deal with all that treble?

    Caveat, my experience is only with a Classic 30. I found that amp quite bright. Now the fix, for the 30 was a speaker swap. Not only was the stock BLue Marvel (then), too shrill, but it was also super beamy. Cannibis Rex tamed that amp and made it perfect. You might want to look into beam...
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    Hot Monkey Sex

    Mistaken for a Banana?
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    Muddy and Dark P90s

    This. Gibson notoriously uses 300K, specially with P90s, and their P90s are darker to start with.
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    New GnR - Hard Skool

    K that song is decent. A little generic, but it at least rocks.
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    Hot Monkey Sex

    I prefer my, demonstrative monkey sex served up cold, very cold.

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