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    NGD: Hope I made the right choice! FGN NLC200

    Thanks Peter. I didnt know that they still produce and sell NC series. Thought they only had their new ones like Elan, Flame and so on. I stand corrected :)
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    NGD: Hope I made the right choice! FGN NLC200

    New FGN guitars are different than older ones. They dont have copies per se any more. Their models are new and dont represent LPs (or other known models) Here are specs of the Neo Classic series
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    NGD: Hope I made the right choice! FGN NLC200

    You will love it. I have n doubt. How do I know you ask? Well, it is my guitar. I sold it to you :) When i was buying it, Mr. Peter was quite helpful as well. I disappeared from MLP for a while, but just saw this, and figured I'll jump back in. Should be there in few days.
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    History GH-LCV MIJ

    I think that $2K is too much for these guitars. Not that they are not great (I have SH) but price listed in the ad you have is for brand new guitar when they came out several years ago. Looking on YJ there was one that sold last month for 106.000 Yen, so half...
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    A piece I wrote about Tokai flame-wars in my country

    If you do that you may never get your guitar back :rofl:
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    MIJ__"Buy It Now"__deal of the day

    Saw it earlier today. Just cant get over that dimple headstock.
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    MIJ__"Buy It Now"__deal of the day

    Any idea what the price was?
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    The Unofficial Official "Pending NGD" Thread

    No worries at all, I didnt bid on it, but was contemplating. That was a really good price you got it for. Was curious to see if it is possibly solid top. Please do post up more pics when it arrives.
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    The Unofficial Official "Pending NGD" Thread

    So thats who go that Ornetts. Gunk can be removed with Naptha or lighter fluid. Removes gunk really fast and doesnt damage the finish. Used it on several guitars and it just gets it all off in few min tops.
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    who makes the BEST black custom mij lp?

    FGN (Fujigen) NLC-200 GUITAR MUSEUM | Rakuten Global Market: FgN Neo Classic NLC Series NLC200-BK (Black)
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    Fernandes FLG-140 specifications?

    Wulf and few other guys should be able to translate for you. Only a matter of time.
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    MIJ__"Buy It Now"__deal of the day

    Looks to be 1980 Tokai LS-60 with ink serial. Nice top on it. 58K BIN トーカイ レスポールモデル 1980年製 - ヤフオク!
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    Interesting Burny

    I want to play as well
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    Tokai Serial number Question

    If you look at 4th row in the 1st table you will see that Breezysound does indeed have 6 digit serial without any alphabet. Tokai Guitar Registry - Tokai Fender Copy Information