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    NOGD: 1987 Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Really nice. How much was it?
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    Gibson Slash 2021 Left handed - QC blunder?

    From what you said, I would keep it but demand some money back. All the time waiting and that is a significant blemish.
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    If you had 2k to spend on an LP, what would YOU buy

    The Classics from ‘91 to ‘93 are great. Might not be able to get one for 2 k now as the cat’s out of the bag about them.
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    New 1958 incoming, help with appearance

    Beautiful geet! If you want to be period correct, it will have to be black bobbins, no?
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    Toothpick and glue method

    In 1972, I took the loose pin all the way out, broke a couple tooth picks a little short of the length of the hole and put them in there with a little Elmer's glue. Then I put the pin back in and let it dry. It's been fine ever since. It's the 1971 Les Paul Deluxe on the left.
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    Getting new 60th Anniversary R9, gloss or VOS?

    I’m a gloss hound. Let it get old on its own. That’s my vote
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    Manny's Music is No Longer Standing :(

    Bought my Gibson L5-C at Manny's in 1975. A great store that had everything. You could gawk for hours just at the personalized autographed pictures from all the famous artists and bands. First thing Sam Ash did was take those pictures down when they bought it.
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    "93 Classic Plus Nut

    Does anyone know what material the nut was made of for a 1993 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus? Thanks.
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    Historic Les 'em!

    Just my '93 Classic Plus...
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    Mid 90s Classics

    I have a '93 Classic Plus that I'm happy with. Got it for $1300. a few years back. Thin binding in cutaway. Put in '57 Classics.
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    Free live in 1970 - burst content.

    Humble Pie w/Frampton in the lineup was one of the best ever live.
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    93 LP Classic Inlays

    Anything under 9 lbs. is desirable in my book, as long as it has the sustain and sound I'm looking for. And it does!
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    93 LP Classic Inlays

    Thanks for all your complements, guys. It is an all around high quality Lester and I really grew to like the super thin neck quickly.
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    93 LP Classic Inlays

    It's 8 lbs. 14 oz.
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    93 LP Classic Inlays

    Thanx, guys.

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