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    EVH Wolfgang Special Stealth Black w/Ebony Fretboard

    My EVH Guitars... EBMM EVH on the left and Axis on the right. and a Fender EVH..
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    New Lifeson Axcess is noisy

    I changed the pickups on my Axcess , but I wired it wrong and I need to rewire it.. Here are the original pickups on it. And here are the pickups I changed on it..
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    Whats the loudest amp you own?

    All of mine are very Loud..! Marshall JMP 2203 Soldano Hot Rod 50.. Marshall JCM2000 TSL100 Peavey Classic100 And my Bass Amps. Acoustic 371's. Marshall JCM2000 DSL
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    "Darth Paul", my customized PRS S2 Standard 22

    My first PRS... Custom 24 with factory install Floyd Rose. While I was looking for a PRS a friend of mine offered me this one and I couldn't turn it down. The only one I ever had or played. And I really like it...!
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    WTB....Burny Supergrade les Paul , early to mid 1980s

    I had one but I sold it a few years ago. I should have kept it because it was really nice..
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    MXR Script Phase 90 ‘74 RI

    If I didn't already have one I would buy yours ! They are Great..! Who ever buys it will not be disappointed they are really Nice. Good Luck with your sell..
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    Sold. 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard. Ebony.

    I wish I was still playing, I would love to have a Black Les Paul.. But I just can't use any guitar anymore.. That is a Very Nice Les Paul..!
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    Who makes the best non-Gibson Les Paul Junior DC Replicas?

    That was part of the reason I bought my 1981 Hamer Special, new in 1981. Because it looked like a Gibson. And it plays really good and looks really good and I still have it because of how nice it is.. And I have a strap and case to match the checkerboard headstock.. Plus one that is...
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    “Charveled” Fender or real Charvel?

    I wish I had kept my Charvel.. It was white but I repainted it..
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    Peavey Classic 50 (80's) question

    The Classic 20 I played at the Jam show was a 80's. And all the ones I have owned and the Classic 100 I still own are all 80's too.. A Friend of mine bought a Classic 100 Half Stack just like mine for only $500.00.. And I only paid around $700 for mine.. Keep looking if that is what you want...
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    Peavey Classic 50 (80's) question

    I played in a Jam festival years ago and I had to use a Peavey Classic 20 and I was really nervous because I didn't know anything about it. But As soon as I started playing I was very Impressed with it. Iliked it so much I went out and bought a Classic 50 Half Stack. And really loved it too. And...
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    NGD: PRS Pauls Guitar SE

    I was going to get a PRS SE but a firiend of mine offered my his Core Model PRS Custom 24 and I couldn't turn it down.
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    Semi Hollow Models Comparable to ES-335

    Check out Hamer Echo Tone Guitars.. But the only "Semi" Hollow Body Hamer I have is a 3 hole Duotone.. I love it..
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    Let's see your old pics of your favourite guitars

    I still like these guitars but for years they were one at a time my favorite guitars. 1974 Ovation Breadwinner that I bought new. Then later I bought a 1981 Hamer Special new. Then later I bought a 1991 EBMM EVH used.. They were my favorites one at a time. It was close to 10 years apart when...

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