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    "Darth Paul", my customized PRS S2 Standard 22

    My first PRS... Custom 24 with factory install Floyd Rose. While I was looking for a PRS a friend of mine offered me this one and I couldn't turn it down. The only one I ever had or played. And I really like it...!
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    WTB....Burny Supergrade les Paul , early to mid 1980s

    I had one but I sold it a few years ago. I should have kept it because it was really nice..
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    MXR Script Phase 90 ‘74 RI

    If I didn't already have one I would buy yours ! They are Great..! Who ever buys it will not be disappointed they are really Nice. Good Luck with your sell..
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    Sold. 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard. Ebony.

    I wish I was still playing, I would love to have a Black Les Paul.. But I just can't use any guitar anymore.. That is a Very Nice Les Paul..!
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    Who makes the best non-Gibson Les Paul Junior DC Replicas?

    That was part of the reason I bought my 1981 Hamer Special, new in 1981. Because it looked like a Gibson. And it plays really good and looks really good and I still have it because of how nice it is.. And I have a strap and case to match the checkerboard headstock.. Plus one that is...
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    “Charveled” Fender or real Charvel?

    I wish I had kept my Charvel.. It was white but I repainted it..
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    Peavey Classic 50 (80's) question

    The Classic 20 I played at the Jam show was a 80's. And all the ones I have owned and the Classic 100 I still own are all 80's too.. A Friend of mine bought a Classic 100 Half Stack just like mine for only $500.00.. And I only paid around $700 for mine.. Keep looking if that is what you want...
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    Peavey Classic 50 (80's) question

    I played in a Jam festival years ago and I had to use a Peavey Classic 20 and I was really nervous because I didn't know anything about it. But As soon as I started playing I was very Impressed with it. Iliked it so much I went out and bought a Classic 50 Half Stack. And really loved it too. And...
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    NGD: PRS Pauls Guitar SE

    I was going to get a PRS SE but a firiend of mine offered my his Core Model PRS Custom 24 and I couldn't turn it down.
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    Semi Hollow Models Comparable to ES-335

    Check out Hamer Echo Tone Guitars.. But the only "Semi" Hollow Body Hamer I have is a 3 hole Duotone.. I love it..
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    Let's see your old pics of your favourite guitars

    I still like these guitars but for years they were one at a time my favorite guitars. 1974 Ovation Breadwinner that I bought new. Then later I bought a 1981 Hamer Special new. Then later I bought a 1991 EBMM EVH used.. They were my favorites one at a time. It was close to 10 years apart when...
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    How do you shop for a PRS?

    My PRS Custom 24..
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    Hamer MIK Explorer 90s era-FINALLY NGD

    Hamer Fan CLub might be able to help..
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    A guitar comfortable for strapping high, closest to that LP feel/tone

    My Les Paul "Axcess" comes with a Belly Cut and a thinner body than all my other Les Pauls..