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    FS - EU - 2016 Gibson Hummingbird Vintage

    I want to buy a HD-28, so i need to let go my 2016 Gibson Hummingbird Vintage. The Guitar is in good condition, nothing to mention except for a small spot on the top, which is matte. The spot can only be seen in specific angles and a polish might fix it (i didnt try). Please have a look at the...
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    FS - EU - 2003 Gibson R9 (9-30XX)

    Sold a while ago!
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    FS - EU - 2003 Gibson R9 (9-30XX)

    PM'd + bump
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    FS - EU - 2003 Gibson R9 (9-30XX)

    After long discussions... i am willing to let go my 2003 Gibson R9. The guitar is one of the sought after early ones from 2003 and definitely one of the best i used to own till now. Please shoot me a pm in case of questions. - weights is about 3.99kg - Kloppmann PAFs and Kloppmann NOS...
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    EU sellers' thread

    sought after 2003 Gibson R9
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    FS - EU - 2006 Gibson ES-355, ex Beatsteaks

    Hi, I decided to let my 2006 Gibson ES-355 go. The guitar was previously owned by Bernd Kurtzke, lead guitarist of the Beatsteaks. Thus, the guitar was modified by him or his technician. The ES-355 is equipped with Sperzel locking tuners as well as a Duesenberg bridge. The condition is quite...
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    FS - EU - 2002 Gibson R8 Yamano

    Good question. I did not buy this one from your stock :hmm:.
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    FS - EU - 2002 Gibson R8 Yamano

    Hi, i decided to sell my Yamano R8. Good, used condition. Some marks, dings and dongs. Weights 3,9kg, all stock. The Price is 3100€ plus shipping via banktransfer. Of course cash on collecton is welcome. Here we go:

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