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    LP Replica?

    Thanks, all.
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    LP Replica?

    Hey guys, haven't been on here in a while -- are members allowed to list a replica in the forum or is that against the rules? Headstock pics OK? Thanks-
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    FS: Lovekraft, MXR Pedals, TV Jones Pickup

    Slowly starting to sell off a good bit of my collection -- more to come! Prices include shipping and PayPal. Lovekraft Mojo Drive OD, deluxe Lucibox version, low # first-edition big box - $140 Top-tier version of one of the better takes on a Screamer (ala Landgraff, etc). Very low number 5 form...
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    FS: Pair of Older MJ-Wound Seymour Duncan Humbucker Pickups

    Up for sale is a set of older SD pickups wound by the legendary Marciela “MJ” Juarez. They are as follows: - AlNiCo PRO, uncovered with black bobbins, 2-conductor vintage-style braided lead, potted - Duncan Distortion, uncovered with black bobbins, 4-conductor lead, potted Both pickups have...
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    FS: Demeter TGA 2.1 head, Assorted Vintage USA Bogen units

    Price drop - $1500 shipped on the Demeter!
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    FS: Demeter TGA 2.1 head, Assorted Vintage USA Bogen units

    It's been a while since I've checked in here at MLP -- time to clear out the ol' gear closet! I'd prefer straight sales but might consider partial trades, let me know what you've got. Shoot me a PM or email to First up, a Demeter TGA 2.1 50w head Great cleans, killer gain...
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    FS / FT: 12" Speakers - Scumback Scumnicos, Reverend Alltone 1250

    Bump, still have the 'original' All-tone and the 16 ohm Scummy available.
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    FS: Tape Delay Unit w/ Cartridge -- 1970s-80s Unicord Stage EC100

    Up for sale is my cool made-in-Japan Stage tape delay from the Unicord / Univox company with the original Apollon-branded tape cartridge. This one has the pull-out knob with playback / playalong ability, high / low inputs and outputs and a footswitch control jack. Unit was recently tech-serviced...
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    FS/FT: Fender Custom Shop '57 Tweed Twin Low-Power Reissue Amp

    Up for sale is my Custom Shop Fender Low-Powered Twin combo, 100% handwired tube Tweed tones...Clapton & Keith Richards tones galore! As you can see from the pics, the amp is in excellent shape and has seen very little use outside of a home studio environment, although it does have some light...

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