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    2019 NFL Regular Season

    With 8 seconds left. WTF?
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    I love my Studio Faded LP.

    2014 R9.
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    2019 NFL Regular Season

    Out of control ghetto bullshit. The Cleveland coach should be fired.:mad:
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    Breaking News

    What about the children born tomorrow?
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    Moving out.

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    So how many guitars does JB actually own?

    JBs collection.
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    Another School Shooting (CA)

    That's getting a little close. Santa Clarita is about an hour drive from here. :shock:
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    HNAD, it's ......

    Congrats. :dude::dude:
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    Starting Originals Band

    I'm in a band. :shock: :rofl:
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    Your ex girlfriend sends you this. What do you do?

    Who you gonna call?
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    I Unhate JB

    Mike Zito, with Joe B.
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    Back to work....

    Congrats, and good luck. :dude: :dude:
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    The SweatHogs Return!!

    Rock on! :dude::dude:
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    Strep throat

    Have you recently earned your redwings? :shock:
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    A Gold Strap is All You Need