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    Creamtone - incomplete order and no answer

    We ship to Canada, in fact worldwide! Cheers!
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    Creamtone - incomplete order and no answer

    Hi all! First of all, everything the OP said is true. Since Summer NAMM in Nashville, our business has grown at an unexpected rate, and we got clobbered with an average of 300 emails a day, and our team wasn't prepared for it. I dropped the ball. As of today, everything is back under control...
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    I'm very sorry for my oversight. I didn't delete any comments. Another member actually brought this to me personally, so I'll get the screw on the way. Again, I apologize. As we're growing, I'm working on new solutions to stay caught up on our emails. Cheers! Lonnie
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    Creamtone - incomplete order and no answer

    i sincerely apologize. The screw will be in the mail ASAP. Cheers! Lonnie I sincerely apologize. I’m sending the screw right out. Cheers! Lonnie
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    WD Music... Sigh

    We offer this set in our Classic Collection for USA Les Pauls. The color matches very well across all the pieces, and since we make the parts on our CNC, we can offer this American-made set for only $39. Cheers...
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    NGD: My 1963 Burst!

    UPDATE! I finally got the courage to do something I've been wanting to do since the day she found me! Remember, most 53 Les Pauls had no serial number, so when this one came into the factory in 1963, there was no original number to duplicate, so they left it blank. After speaking with some...
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    Got it!

    Got it!
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    Hi! I really want to make this right. I don't see and email from you yet, so feel free to leave...

    Hi! I really want to make this right. I don't see and email from you yet, so feel free to leave your info here. I'll check back. The same offer stands: knobs and $50 to use like cash on our site. Cheers! Lonnie
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    Aleksandar from Wizz and Lonnie from CreamTone traded T-shirts! How do they look?

    Thanks to these two, Wizz sets are in stock, ready to ship from the USA for fast delivery!
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    WD Music... Sigh

    That sucks! Very sorry that got by me. Please send me the email address you used for the order to I'll send the knobs and a $50 gift card for the hassle. Cheers! Lonnie
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    WD Music... Sigh

    Give us a shot! Cheers!
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    BadMojo Historic Makeover (Plus Creamtone, CrazyParts, Throbak) 91 LP Classic

    Thanks for the shout-out. You rock and the guitar looks fantastic! Cheers! Lonnie
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    My first Gibson LP - 2014 Traditional Ocean Blue.

    I don't get by often enough, but I love reading your posts. You rock! Cheers! Lonnie
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    CreamTone hardware and plastic upgrades for USA Les Pauls

    Outstanding! One of the best examples of what our parts can do that I've seen. You rock! Cheers! Lonnie
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    CreamTone Pickup Rings for Gibson USA Les Pauls

    While there are several vendors who offer good replicas of the original M69 rings, no one has offered something more affordable for Gibson USA Les Pauls. Until now! Cheers...

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