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    An Amazing Find! 1960 Gibson Les Paul Burst!

    Convert it to 'burst specs! Oh, wait......never mind.
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    NGD (first new Epi in about 10 years)

    I am of an age to have been part of Beatlemania, so have trouble imagining not being into them on at least some level. Well, better late than never. I find it amazing that the same kids who did "I Want To Hold Your Hand" became the guys who did Sgt. Pepper; mind-boggling growth!
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    NGD (first new Epi in about 10 years)

    OK, passing right by how one could discover the Fabs a half-century after they broke up..........that is a Riviera P93, Mal (differentiated from the original Riviera by the Bigbsy instead of a Requensator tailpiece, and the 3 P-90s instead of 2 mini-humbuckers) . You'll find the Sheraton Pro...
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    Strap Lock Recommendations

    The Schaller button works as well with a plain strap as most stock buttons. I don't recommend it - but then, I don't recommend stock buttons, either.
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    Strap Lock Recommendations

    Once the weight of the guitar is hanging from the strap, there is no "clanking" (I've always heard it as more of a squeaking); that only happens - sometimes - when putting it on & taking it off, so who cares?
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    Strap Lock Recommendations

    Hate to see that happen - but I can't feel sorry for the goof. It's called "situational awareness" (or lack thereof.....)
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    Strap Lock Recommendations

    If those work for you, fine; I've tried several flavors, and have yet to find one that isn't a serious PITA to lock on. Also, I am much more comfortable trusting my instruments to metal than to plastic. And, every one I've seen is synthetic; I know the problem is pretty much vinyl straps on...
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    Strap Lock Recommendations

    Yeah - I put them on both ends of 4 acoustics, supplied my son, hsi friend, and a couple of my friends, and still have a pile to last me.
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    Strap Lock Recommendations
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    Strap Lock Recommendations

    FIFY There are 2 acceptable answers to the question: for acoustics, beer washers; for electrics, Schallers. The Dunlop "push-to-release" design makes failure inevitable; yes, the recessed-button ones are much better than the originals with the protruding button, but the newer ones still can...
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    Help understanding this modification on a 1979 The Paul

    Along about 1980, I briefly worked with a band where the guitarists played a The Paul & a The SG, and the next year for a guy with another The SG; all 6 p/ups were double-black - so yeah, I'm thinking yours are not, in fact, original (which, depending on what they actually are, may well be a...
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    1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, Reduced

    Nice looking piece. Shame it was hogged out; for me, the minis are a good part of the draw with a Deluxe.
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    Kijiji find

    Indeed. Fun story (or not): I quit watching Antiques Roadshow after I saw one of their "experts" tell a woman that her Les Paul was obviously a '53, because none of the '52 had bound 'boards, and all the '54s had humbuckers - and it was worth more because she still had the Fender Princeton...
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    NGD: Epiphone ES-135 blueburst

    Well, it all boils to the fact that up through at least '59, the numerals in the ES line, as with the Super 300 & Super 400, was the original price (except for the ES-5; don't know what's up with that. Seems like a refugee from the L- models).

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