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    NGD(kinda): 2001 Sheraton

    CB has said exactly my thoughts on reading your account. I know it's hard to quell the urge, but patience, Grasshopper; it will serve you well. And it's not just for shipping: In the future, when you take it outside in heat or cold, leave the case closed for a while at your destination (it...
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    Straplocks? Does anyone use them?

    I've said it before (repeatedly) and I will apparently say it again and again and again: Beer washers on acoustics. Schallers on electrics. Schallers on all electrics. Nothing but Schallers on electrics. There is no other possible answer, based on my experience & observation. I will not...
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    Value of a vintage ´64 Firebird, modded and "heavy relic"

    Especially since the first model year for Mustangs was '65. Yes, you will hear collectors talk of "'64 1/2", but I clearly recall the hoopla; at that time, new model years were introduced in the fall of the previous year (Oct or Nov, IIRC). Ford debuted the Mushipoo a few months early, making...
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    Made by hand vs machine

    Dickie Betts in re the headstock on his custom Alembic: "They made it exactly the way I ordered it - and it's the ugliest thing I ever saw".
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    Kalamazoo vs Nashville plant

    My bad; I seem to have missed yours. :facepalm:
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    Kalamazoo vs Nashville plant

    And just to be actually clear, I'm not talking about the Heritage 80 line (which I had never heard of until your post); I'm talking about the Heritage Guitar Company.
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    Kalamazoo vs Nashville plant

    I'm sorry, but K-zoo guitars are better. Some of the old timers went to TN to get it up & running; many were too settled & too far into their careers to want to uproot. Both Nashville & Memphis have made very good guitars - and they have made some that weren't so good. Oh - those old-timers...
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    Tone control mods for warm jazz?

    When I had to make a new harness for my Sheraton, I wanted to be able to get a little warmer, so I used Sozo .033µF "Vintage Mustard" caps; worked like a charm. Also used CTS 500K audio-taper pots, and wired it '50s-Gibson style so I can change the volume & not change the tone.
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    2020 Strap Lock Suggestions

    Every guitar gets its own strap. None of them gets a $150 dollar strap, though. Or a $50 strap, for that matter. The $20-30 ones do the job just as well - especially if you get them on sale.
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    This Just Sucks

    I am so damn glad the misery of summer if over!!!!!! Now we can have 3 straight seasons of livable weather.
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    I'm Crushed.

    Good for her; now maybe she'll stop hitting on me no matter how often I sprun her advances.
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    I'm Crushed.

    Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn, 37 years (never actually married - but, being with same woman 37 years myself, I'm gonna have to count that). William H. Macy & Felicity Huffman, 23 years.
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    2020 Strap Lock Suggestions

    The two problems with Dunlop are the push-to-release design & the lack of redundancy. The original design, with the protruding release button, was just awful; the later ones with the recessed button are much better, but they can still be accidentally bumped and released; I have seen it happen on...
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    2020 Strap Lock Suggestions

    I use washers on my acoustics - but, being a homebrewer, I buy them bulk from my beer-supply place; for less than the price of one Grölsch, I got a life-time supply, with plenty to give to friends.
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    2020 Strap Lock Suggestions

    In 47 years experience with Schallers and countless guitars - I mean, literally hundreds upon hundreds - I have neither seen this happen nor heard of it from a reliable source. I mean, it doesn't even happen with Dunlops! My main electric has worn its Schallers for 28 years, and not the...

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