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    Demo guy got chops! JFC... Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute- p90's

    I have one of these in white. Awesome guitar. Play it more than my Les Paul Classic to be honest. P90's in this thing are great.
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    NGD - 2020 Classic

    Happy NGD! I love plain top classics. To me some of the grain you get on these is way more interesting than any flame top. I own a 2000 Classic "plain top" but in reality it has a good amount of flame. Think I am going to try to find a G0 plain top for my next Les Paul.
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    Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 9.40.39 AM.png

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    Special Love?

    2020 Les Paul Special Tribute Love this guitar!
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    Taylor 114ce. Dare I say the best Taylor made?

    Been eyeing up a Taylor for a number of years now. Spent some time over the last year waiting for the right opportunity and I finally pulled the trigger an used 2010 114ce I managed to pickup for 850 Canadian rubles. I am more than impressed. Before settling on this I must of tried 12 other...
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    How do you straplock your Les Paul?

    IMO the price is about double with it should be on those. At $10 per pair USD + conversion, shipping and possibly duty to Canada that's not that great of a deal considering the fender ones are $16 canadian to my door on Amazon...
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    How do you straplock your Les Paul?

    Schaller or Schaller style strap locks always. Every guitar that doesn't have a neck joint mount strap button gets them. I like the way they look and they have always been rock solid. The newer style S-Locks are still good but a lot more expensive. I am at the point where I have enough straps...
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    That sticker on the control cavity. Although it was a real Gibson logo I often associate it more with fakes made about 10 or so years back to the point that that logo is more of an indicator of a fake guitar than a real one.
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    Help dating this LP

    I would have almost certainly been black originally. If you could get pictures of the inside of the pickup cavities and the volume pots it would tell us more.
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    Tiny "scratch"? on the fretboard binding of my Les Paul

    Just bought a new Les Paul Special with super thin satin finish. I can't wait till it starts to age.
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    Three pickups, five combinations and everyone sounds the same.

    I can't stand the Strat bridge sound. Way too shrill for me. I put a JB in the bridge with a coil split switch and now it's my most versatile guitar. The combination of the hot bridge humbucker with a cooler bell like Strat neck and middle pickups for when you need to clean up a bit. Since the...
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    "Good Years" and "Bad Years" for Gibson Les Pauls

    My 2000 Classic is a wonderful guitar. In that year this was considered a plain top.
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    NGD 2020 Les Paul Special Tribute P90 - Worn White

    Maple neck yes. I actually really like the maple neck for this guitar as due to the lack of pore filling on the instrument it makes the neck a little smoother. On top of that one of the punk bars I play is pretty tiny and I have seen instruments knocked over or broken when things got too rowdy...
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    NGD: Gibson DC Special in faded white (CME special run)

    Just got my self the single cut version of this guitar also in white. I love the P90s. To me P90s are like single coils for people who love humbuckers. Considering getting a set of P90s for my Jazzmaster. A couple brands make sets that have the Jazzmaster covers and spacing.

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