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    Scraping away excess Wax

    Hold a candle between your pickup and strings while playing to find out if wax has any effect, other than the way it deadens the microphonics of a potted coil. What people hear when they "unpot" pickups is one of a few things - The pickup wasn't put back in exactly the same position, height...
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    Scraping away excess Wax

    A2 and A5 magnets are absolute opposites, as far as common AlNiCo types in a guitar pickup go. There's your big change. 90's Gibson covers also are heavy on copper and may well also be chrome. Significant change, but still just drops in a bucket compared to the magnet swap. The wax - since...
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    Pure Kossoff

    If someone told me they knew that amp to be a Vox, I wouldn't doubt it. It's got a bit of that "falls apart in the other British way" sort of thing going on. Or, it's a Marshall, like everyone assumes. They all sound a bit different. Folks say Koss preferred the H magnet 75Hz Pulsonics, but...
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    How does classic 57’s stand up against other PAF replicas?

    In a way, you have to applaud Gibson for making a pickup that's both muddy and brittle, at the same time. That said, still the best humbucker they've made since the 1970s, I'd say.
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    NPTD (new police truck day)

    Nice. Some know I happen to have a fondness for pickups.
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    who makes Relic gold pickup covers

    Ok, I read your second post and thought you were not going for that "all the gold is gone" look. If you want to take all the gold off the top, and have a dull gray look left, you can use a sanding block and some 600-800 grit, or so. Not going to look authentic, but it will get you there. You'll...
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    who makes Relic gold pickup covers

    I'm sure I don't quality because, if there's a "reasonable" cost limit to aging, mine must certainly be in the "unreasonable" category, as my aging work probably adds a higher than average labor fee to already higher than average priced pickups. I can speak to the process, though, as I do it a...
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    Is it possible or OK to remove humbucker sized p90's cover? e.g. SD phat cat

    Listening to this guy is a great way to destroy that coil.
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    Is it possible or OK to remove humbucker sized p90's cover? e.g. SD phat cat

    Depends on the pickup. The problem is that most "humbucker-size P-90s" aren't P-90s at all and use a wide variety of parts of different sizes and shapes. I haven't seen more than a couple that really need the cover to hold the guts together so give it a shot. You'll likely see how non-P-90 it is...
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    Let’s Talk Attenuators

    Been through most of the commercial variants out there. Many are ok at knocking just a little volume off the top. The only ones I think do a decent job of really taking a loud amp down to a small room volume are without destroying the dynamics and fullness are: Fryette PS-100 Fryette PS-2 UA Ox...
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    To R8 or not to R8 that is the question?

    Likely the pickup swap was an upgrade, despite the hit in monetary value that comes with. What's in it now? ...not that it matters. Buy a guitar for the acoustic voice, sound, and look. Electronics are highly personal and just a drop in the ocean of cost of a reissue, unless you've got something...
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    Muddy and Dark P90s

    Don't discount your self as "not a P-90 guy" just because you don't like the sound of one modern Gibson P-90 guitar. Gibson doesn't make bright, open, clear, and dynamic P-90s anymore. They do weird stuff like use brass baseplates and A2 magnets under hot potted coils and stainless steel pole...
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    Wizz w/Replica Wire

    I know that's a popular theory that's been going around online, even among some pros, but it's not been my experience nor the manufacturing history of copper. The "continuous casting" method of manufacturing, which produces long rods straight out of the furnace, which are then die-sized down to...
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    DSG#14 - Telecaster Deluxe Thinline

    Oh, man! Beautiful! Absolutly stellar match for the color scheme on the Deluxe. If Fender is making the grills like they used to on the original silver faces, it should age and green up with the years to continue matching the guitar as it ages, as well. Bet they sound killer together. HNGD!
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    Plexi Marshall's... where do I start?

    If your speakers are 1977, you're not comparing reissues to original greenbacks. You're comparing the modern speakers to blackbacks and, yes, the reissues are closer to that blackback sound which is much brighter/thinner/more fizzy, not at all like the big, clear, clean, open, midrangy...

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