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    Oregon Has Florida Beat

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    DMV Fun and Games in NJ

    Car inspection? In Arizona you need one headlight, one taillight and everything else is optional.
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    Man shot dead in Bronx while walking with 6-year-old daughter

    I’m seriously considering an armor plate for my sling bag.
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    So the neighbor just put out a BLM flag

    My life matters, fuck all the rest.
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    recommend some 10's for my 63 tremolux

    I would use the Celestion Gold 10 Inch.
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    White they people so racist

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    White they people so racist

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    Just Looking For Car Color Opinions (Poll)

    At this point i think urban camouflage is your bet option
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    Now China is making fake gold.

    I just bought something from Myanmar, because I’m trying to not buy anything from China.
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    I refuse to answer because rats ass is not Included
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    A Gentler Form of Genocide

    I won’t buy an Epiphone unless its made in Korea.
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    Smokin' butts.

    I did some beef ribs.
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    Seasoned Skillet.Who Maintains One?

    Their’s a bunch of companies in the USA making cast iron pans now. I love and encourage American manufacturing. A few that found. Lodge even has new series to compete with all the new companies.

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