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    How Mike Tyson Got Revenge For Muhammad Ali

    Larry Homes broke down and cried after he beat Mohammad Ali. That’s the way I remember it.
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    Gibson RFID chip

    Deja vu again man. There's a bunch of old timers here.
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    “Dune” Reboot/Remake

    I just got done watching it.
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    I did it ...Scheduled for a total knee

    I had a hip replacement and wish I would have had it. I got a staph infection at the hospital and have two surgeries since. I just got off of a six week 24 hour IV and will be on oral antibiotics for a year.
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    She's giving Rosie O'Donnell a run for her money

    Was she on Happy Days?
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    Well, so much for…

    Let's go Brandon!
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    Pronouns For a Guitar...

    My Telecaster identifies as a drum set.
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    Tesla Sued 137 Million

    A homeless man called me the N-word in front of Little Caesar's. I guess I should sue them too
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    I just bought a farm

    I grew up on a farm. Soybeans, corn and wheat mostly.
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    FB, Instagram, WhatsApp are down globally.

    I guess I'll have to go to Waffle House to tell people they're stupid.
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    FB, Instagram, WhatsApp are down globally.

    with a sudden outbreak of social harmony
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    Shakira attacked by a pod of lemurs.

    I want to move it, move it.
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    We don't need no other languages!!

    I like pizza, but sometimes I need a burger.
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    The Many Saints of Newark Anyone else excited to watch?

    It was another poorly written delivery vehicle for the approved tinsel town message.
  15. Comanche

    Shakira Attacked

    Pigs are smarter than most.

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