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    How many Guitars (total) are in your collection, right now?

    Every guitar that I own is top tier and has a story as to why, how and where I bought or acquired it. Problem is that I have no more room so if I get a “better” or more favourable guitar I need to trim the inventory. This was easy at first as I’d get rid of a less desirable import guitar or a...
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    How many Guitars (total) are in your collection, right now?

    38 and I have two on the way so pretty much 40 guitars. 18 amps. I might stop at 50 and 25, those seem like reasonable numbers.
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    New Gibson coming pre-scratched?

    Looks like it will easily polish out from the picture. In hand might be different.
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    Les paul modifications

    I just love tinkering with different pickups, wiring configurations, caps, pots, it’s all fun and enjoying. It’s so cool that we can get these guitars to sound so different so easily.
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    Too many Les Paul's?....blasphemy, I say there's never enough Les Pauls one can own...

    15 Gibsons, 8 of which are Les Pauls. Oops!!
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    Gibson Les Paul Traditional question

    I have the same model, color and year of guitar. I really like it. I’ve had it for almost a year now, paid just under $1200USD for mine. I also have a 2006 Standard and a 2016 Traditional. The three of them feel and play nearly identical. The only visual difference is the the 120th anniversary...
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    R9 Nut Slots

    Does it play good?
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    Advice sought for stinky problem.

    Outside in the sun on a nice hot day will pretty much do it.
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    I got my order this morning. 3 months wait, 2 phone calls to Lonnie, etc.. All the parts were shipped and everything is great. Very well made and exactly what I expected. The only issue is the timeframe to get your order, and that isn’t the issue, the issue is not telling us how long it will be...
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    Anybody watch the the YouTube amp repair guy Guitologist?

    Dude told me to unsubscribe in the comment section on one of his videos so I did.
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    Many of us are home players, admit it. Let's see those home rigs.

    Here’s my rig. I don’t play out. I do play loud though.
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    NGD!! Knob question

    Gold with pointers it is! My pickup covers came in as well. Looks so much better, to me. Thanks for the input. Here’s a new picture of it home!
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    NGD!! Knob question

    I’m leaning towards gold, thanks for the advice!
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    NGD!! Knob question

    Gold or amber?
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    NGD!! Knob question


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