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    1953 Les Paul Standard 3-2495

    I'm glad you like them. I miss that guitar. It's still the best Les Paul I've ever owned or played. There's magic in some of those early ones. Best buy in the vintage world IME - nothing sounds like a great old LP.
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    A mythical Derrig?

    FWIW, there are differences in a Derrig that do make it kind of unique. Vs a 59 or replica 59 being made today, you'll have different binding thickness, slightly different control routing, and pickup positioning. Top carve seems to put the break angle over the bridge fairly shallow. There were...
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    SOLD IMG_7794 by cnote posted Aug 1, 2018 at 4:21 PM
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    A mythical Derrig?

    Yes, I have seen one for sale. They are not mythical at all, but really truly they are out there.
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    NAD - PRS MT15

    Sweet. I just don't see how two 6L6s produce 15W. No wonder it is so loud. I wonder if it would blow a 30W speaker...
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    **SOLD** 1959 Les Paul Burst 9-2176 ... the real deal

    My old Burst was much more worn and didn't have any finish checking either. I know it's requisite for an aged guitar these days, but there are more unchecked vintage examples than most think. What I find most interesting about this one is the color.
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    Are you a 335 type?

    I had a hard time bonding with one until I got one with a big neck. I'd only had 63 RIs, and never realized what I was missing. This one is stock, wouldn't change a thing. These can do things that an LP, Tele, and Strat can't do, and when you need THAT sound, which seems fairly often, only one...
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    Bought a Faber bridge out of curiosity...

    For expensive bridges, it sucks that it takes trial and error. The Faber bridge does have a certain tone to it that doesn't fit some guitars, but I have Pigtail on two guitars, Faber on one, and stock Gibson on two. I've tried them all, and those are just the ones that sound best on those...
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    No longer for sale

    No longer for sale
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    No longer for sale

    No longer for sale
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    SOLD Analogman King of Tone Pedal

    Analogman King of Tone Pedal SOLD
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    Are The New Historic LP's Duds Compared to Earlier Ones?

    Haters gonna hate, flippers gonna flip. Some guys get sweetheart deals and even profit from their flipping, so it's a nice source of income. Says nothing about the quality of today's instruments, or yesterday's instruments. The title of this thread has been asked and answered.
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    2018 Historic Collection - Wet Sanded?

    The story was in one of the Custom Shop videos around the time the THs came out. That the finish was too thin to machine buff in the way they typically do- for fear of burning through. Supposedly prior finishes were thick enough that this was not a worry.