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    New Les Paul headstock Ding

    Now it's yours. Now that it's no longer perfect you can just play the hell out of it and not baby it. Like the first dent in your car, it marks the point where you start driving it the way you want to and really enjoying it. Don't get bent over a dent. It's just the first step toward...
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    Any luthiers here into Violin repair and building?

    I can play cello a little but the scale length for vioin is just too small for me to even believe I can do it. I have, however, done a little bit of violin repair work and I've made every component of a violin, but not a complete one of my own.
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    looking for good boards for lespaul with inlays done already Madagascar ok , some one must be making them in volume . any help send it along thanks will do it. They make all my fingerboards and headstock overlays.
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    Problem with vintage tune-o-matic.

    That's one of the reasons I hate the ABR-1 bridge. I may not be in the majority here but I prefer the Nashville TOM, especially the TonePros version.
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    Minimum Thickness for a Carved top ??

    I have successfully carved a nicely shaped carved top from a bookmatched maple set that was barely 3/8" and that left me a 1/8" rim and a little bit of a recurve. It's a shallow carve but still nice.
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    Cutting and shaping Derlin Nut

    There are many grades of Delrin. Some are suitable for nuts, some are definitely not. Some are too soft and have insufficient wear resistance. Some are hard and tough and would make a decent light duty anvil for cold hammer work. I've played with various synthetic materials for nut making...
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    what would you do?

    When I ended up with a top that was not thick enough to do my usual top carve, I went ahead and had it resawn anyway and built a special guitar with a much shallower carved top than I normally do. And it came out great!
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    Where do you get your tone woods these days?

    I've used certain vendors that sell on ebay regularly. (R.Woodson for one...) and Hibdon Hardwoods, Hearne, Gilmer, and North Ridge, to name four others. I avoid the Wood Well like the plague because their prices are nuts and you can't select the specific piece you want to buy. I've bought...
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    Removing top layer of finish from les paul top

    If that really is the original finish of that guitar, then I'd have to wonder what is TOTALLY WRONG with the mind of the IDIOT who wanted it painted black???? That's a very nice top and as for the finish, that sunburst as it was looks pretty much perfect to me. I'd want to keep THAT. Rather...
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    I just google searched for "duplicarver" and "duplicating carving machine" and selected the shopping tab, and got a lot of hits.
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    what would you do?

    Look at original '58 thru '60 Les Paul Standards and you will see that while some tops are clearly slip matched, some others are clearly true bookmatches. You can get a great looking top with good flamed maple and a good slip match, and there's no doubt about that. But I don't think it's...
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    what would you do?

    For me, a one piece top has to have something very special going on for it. The character of the figure has to be consistent across it. And it has to be GOOD figure all across.
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    what would you do?

    I'll be totally honest about it. I'm so picky about tops, that it has to be either a bookmatched two piece top or a one piece top. I would turn that piece into neck sections and laminate them together to make a multi-piece laminated neck like Gibson did on a lot of early 70s LP Customs, in...
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    African Blackwood Fretboard?

    I've always said that ABW is what Ebony wishes it could be when it grows up.
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    Removing top layer of finish from les paul top

    I'd sand back the black finish using 1000 grit paper. Absolutely I'd be in no hurry and risk sanding through the very finish I was trying to reveal.

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