Making guitars since 1986, making a profit since....never!

Building guitars and related lutherie, wishing I drove a 911.

Yes, I am a master of the cavalier attitude. A guitar neck is just a stick with a metal rod in it, what are you afraid of? Make it! Carve a top? With templates? Throw those templates away, you don't need 'em! Your eyes and hands will tell you more about what you carve than templates ever could so just GO FOR IT. Carve that sucker, freehand!

I will try to hide my utter distaste for "djent" style playing and music that substitutes grunting for lyrics. But I do not promise to always be successful.

"Relic'ed" instruments are just new instruments that have been abused by people who lack taste and a sense of what's appropriate. Posers!

I totally dislike Chinese made "Chibson" and other ripoff guitars. Don't WASTE your money on them! They're illegal, and you show disrespect for the rightful owners of the brand trademarks by buying them. I don't like disrespectful people.
Sunny Florida
Creative arbitrager and amp repairman. Also makes custom guitars once every now and then.


Guitarists have the option of going to the crossroads and signing a contract with the devil if they want to make it big.

But a bass player's only choice is to stand on the railroad tracks and wait for the light.

Top carve templates? We don't need no steenking templates! Use your angle grinder and your random orbital sander and your eyes and your hands! You've got this!

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