Making guitars since 1986, making a profit since....never!

Building guitars and related lutherie, wishing I drove a 911.

Yes, I am a master of the cavalier attitude. A guitar neck is just a stick with a metal rod in it, what are you afraid of? Make it! Carve a top? With templates? Throw those templates away, you don't need 'em! Your eyes and hands will tell you more about what you carve than templates ever could so just GO FOR IT. Carve that sucker, freehand!

I will try to hide my utter distaste for "djent" style playing and music that substitutes grunting for lyrics. But I do not promise to always be successful.

Oh, I absolutely detest the practice of "relic'ing" new guitars. Just don't do it. To me it's fakery, it's dishonest, and it's abuse of an instrument.

Walnut is rarely a tonewood. Pretty? Yes! But good for tone? Sure, if you like NO sustain. Poplar is even worse. It has all the sustain of a sponge made out of lead. Do not use walnut and poplar in guitars you build. It will end in disappointment if you actually try to play the guitar.
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Guitarists have the option of going to the crossroads and signing a contract with the devil if they want to make it big.

But a bass player's only choice is to stand on the railroad tracks and wait for the light.

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