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    Gibson Les Paul Case 1989/90

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    Gibson Les Paul Case 1989/90

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    Gibson Les Paul Case 1989/90

    Older les paul case, brown with pink plush shroud. In my limited research, I found it to be a 1989? If anyone knows more, feel free to chime in. See Reverb link for details. $225 shipped/pp'd here @ MLP Open to trades as well, just pm me.
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    Inbound 59

    What is the color? Beautiful guitar!
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    Unpotted Custombuckers Back in Place R9

    I recently got my 1st custom shop guitar, a 2018 R9 Lemonburst VOS. At first I didn't love the Custom Buckers, but after a proper set up and height adjustment, they are great. I don't know if they're potted or not, but they sound really good. My luthier said they were kind of hard to dial in...
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    R9 2018 Case - Grey Padding

    I've owned gibsons for a long time, and just recently acquired my very first custom shop guitar. I don't know about other years, but my 2018 case is adequate, but I wouldn't say it's even as nice as a run of the mill les paul standard case. That's what I keep mine in. I just keep the original...
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    2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded **SOLD**

    Got this one in a trade a while ago. Plenty of genuine playwear, 60's neck may have been lightly sanded, feels really nice and fast. Frets are still really good. Weighs 9 lbs. Will do $OLD shipped/pp'd for MLP. Here's the Reverb link...
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    Phaez Daisycutter 8 watt **SOLD**

    Sold pending payment...
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    I have a really nice 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded with a nice comfortable 50's neck. I have it listed on Reverb for $2000 shipped, but could do $on hold$ shipped/pp'd here through MLP. PM me if you have any questions...

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