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    Les Paul Sr.?

    Nice concept but I paid around $3,500 for a Custom Shop Jr. a couple years ago. Will these sound much different?
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    2018 vs 2019 Custombuckers

    That set is long gone. I still think they were not good pickups for playing with any decent gain due to all the squealing. Maybe I got a bad set. That said, I have another set that came out of a 2021 R9. Feel free to PM me if interested. They won't be cheap.
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    2022 Greenie Speculation

    When Gibson decides they can make more money. We'll probably continue to see "new and improved" Pages, Pearlys, Beanos if they can sell them.
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    Advice on Buying a Historic

    OP I think you put way too much stock in finishes. You say you had a goldtop that was the lightest/best of the best sounding LPs you ever had....then ditched it because the finish was too "new" and didn't have a braz rw board. Sounds little like crazy talk to me ....or just shilling for HM...
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    $4600 for a Murphy paint job?

    I don't disagree. The two WW Specs I owned had great looking wood. My crappy licks sounded about the same regardless :)
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    $4600 for a Murphy paint job?

    So are you saying that the WW Spec historics are no different than a regular historic minus the lower wind pickups? If so, that contradicts what WW says on their website: " our resident Gibson expert visited the Custom Shop to hand-pick each and every top and fretboard." I've owned a bunch...
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    Here's a cool flat sawn one you don't see too often:
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    When people say Brazilian Rosewood Regarding Custom Shop Gibsons

    Also a few started coming out in 2017. Many/most of those have really nice dark strait grain, too.
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    Serial number mystery. 2003 Brazilian Rosewood R8

    Based on fretwear, rusted parts, chips, etc. someone played the snot out of it. It almost looks like it might have been refinished which could explain the funny business around the serial number. Fretboard looks legit braz and serial falls within the range.
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    Have you guys seen this yet?

    1 pickup seems a little skimpy for what these will cost. Does anyone prefer having just one pickup?
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    Murphy Lab and VOS reissues have different lacquer??

    See this thread: Basically, you can get a VOS with the ML lacquer but they are painted by Murphy and are priced accordingly. Hard to imagine paying $11K for a VOS R8 with a plain top just because Murphy...
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    $4600 for a Murphy paint job?

    Gotta admit, this looks really nice:

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