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    Great Vid on Orange 'sound' and history

    I've been an Orange user for over three years. Mine is a Dark Terror, but I I use it with much lower gain than most owners appear to be doing. I I played out, it would be the TH30 and a 2x12 with V30's inside. There appears be not much discussion here these days on Orange amps on MLP...
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    What is a small thing that makes a big difference to your LP?

    Good advice. When you do this, you won't need to rewire the guitar and you might find that you can put off getting a different set of pickups. I dial in my guitar and my amp to compliment it for a bright and articulate neck pup sound. Classicplayer
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    What is a small thing that makes a big difference to your LP?

    And this is why I will not swap pickups in my Les Pauls in the future. A little screwdriver, patience, and listening very closely is what it took to improve an already good-sounding guitar. Usually the top guitar makers have quality pickups that are fine as is, but they do need some tweaking...
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    Vintage 30s: UK vs. Chinese

    I've never played through a UK V30 that I can remember. I did have a UK Celestion in an old SS Fender that was impressive, but as to it's quality, I think it was fine in that, but in that amp, it ha dot be pushed a bit to get the tone happening. I have the Chinese one in my Orange PPC112 and it...
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    New Speaker Help

    NGG, What Orange are you “Rock'in” these shut down days? Classicplayer
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    Indecision For Appropriate Bridge Pickup

    Just me checking back in with an update on whether I need a new bridge pickup for the Burstbucker II in my Trad. I decided to boost the volume knob even more on my Dark Terror and the result produced that Jimmy Page type of middle position effect where the tone gets that “scratchy” bright and...
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    Indecision For Appropriate Bridge Pickup

    I understand why, too. I'm usually on the 7 watt side of 15/7 with this Terror. I do use about 30% of it's volume and nearly 50% of the available gain in use. That seems to be one of the so-called “sweet spots” on the amp when played with a Les Paul. I'm not sure how much of the power tubes...
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    Indecision For Appropriate Bridge Pickup

    I was not aware of your finding. It does not seem that way with the amp I play the Lester with the Seths through.The Dark Terror goes through a single V30 and there is almost too much bass at times. I like that bass that can be felt through the speaker because it helps give it sort of that 3-D...
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    Indecision For Appropriate Bridge Pickup

    This has been recommended to me before re: Custom 5, but I don't feel the need now that I've pushed amp volume up a bit. There are four gain stages in the Orange and even a lower wind of a pickup should be able to goose those stages when called upon to do so. I think it would also apply to the...
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    Indecision For Appropriate Bridge Pickup

    My problem solved when this morning, I decided that a new bridge pickup for my Traditional's Burstbucker II is not needed. I just decided that the bridge pickup just needed a touch more volume from my Dark Terror. No amp e.q. tweaks were necessary and the missing effort or push from the bridge...
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    Indecision For Appropriate Bridge Pickup

    You are definitely onto something here. I have tweaked the neck BB 1 neck to a fare-thee-well over a period of time and find that the 6th string side is a 1/16” below the ring and the opposite side is about an 1/8” +- above the ring. The neck works fine with the Dark Terror because the amp is...
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    Indecision For Appropriate Bridge Pickup

    dc007 always have the most reasonable responses! I tried this earlier this morning, and yes, that is what happened. I could the raise my bridge volume (Burstbucker II) and brought out more fr9m the pickup.......and what's more I can lower neck volume to get the neck clearer and cleaner a bit...
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    Indecision For Appropriate Bridge Pickup

    Not that I don't like the bridge pickups in my two Les Pauls, but both guitars' bridge pickups (while being matched to their respective neck pickups) could produce a little more oomph when it comes to pushing my Dark Terror lunchbox amp. One guitar has the Duncan Seth Lovers measuring 7.2k and...
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    What is a good tube amp to use touch dynamics?

    Maybe not as touch sensitive as the VOX AC models, but my 15-watt Orange Dark Terror with a modicum of gain and it volume turned up a bit can get my idea of touch sensitivity using varying amounts pick or finger pressure. For me, it's a joy to get a note to breakup just so by using the fleshy...
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    I’m very sad

    Cheer up! There are plenty of Les Paul's out there that will strike you the same way. Save up and take an oath to never part with the next one that grabs a hold of you senses in the same manner the one did that got away. Start thinking like that and you sadness will vanish. Classicplayer

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