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    Crackling noise from my evil red knob ...

    Looks like surgery
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    Gibson Les Paul standard 2005 binding bleeding?

    You are right, the pup covers are not on right. We need pics of the bottom of the pups to see what the issue is.
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    How have these sellers not been flagged? What am I missing?

    The ones that OP is asking about were in the $4000 range, definitely not a cheap Chibson.
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    Mojotone GA-5 Kit

    I'll get around to that. I assume that you are suggesting that I use their NFB scheme which means using the same resistor and moving it from the 8 to the 4 ohm tap and see what the difference is. I usually only use the #1 input for most amps, I think that you suggested that I try the Fender...
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    NGD: 2011 Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    The same guitar posted twice by two different members in two weeks? What’s going on here?
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    Mojotone GA-5 Kit

    Feedback? Football? Huh? The OT has two taps, a 4ohm tap to the speaker and an 8ohm tap. The layout simply has you connect the 8ohm tap to an empty terminal. But they supplied a resistor that works better with the 8, not the 4. The NFB is the yellow wire that runs from the south end of the...
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    Mojotone GA-5 Kit

    The amp sounds good, it loves LP Specials for sure. It has more grind than my Champ but I’m not sure if it’s due to the circuit or the speaker. You can get a sweet living room volume or turn it up and shake the house and annoy the neighbors. Getting used to the PTP took a little practice and...
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    2013 Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe II Wiring/Schematics

    Try posting this question in the Luthiers Corner, you might get some responses.
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    500k Pot Questions

    500k pots won’t give you extra gain. Also, you don’t need the grounding wire on the back of the pots when you have the metal plate, the plate is used to ground the pots.
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    Mojotone GA-5 Kit

    Ok, switched the cap around and it made very little difference to the way the amp sounds, it still compresses and roars like crazy when it’s dimed (it crackled with static pretty badly a few times before the change). I’ve been running it at 3 or 4 in the living room. It seems to get along with...
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    Mojotone GA-5 Kit

    Oops, I just noticed that I soldered the V1 electrolytic cap on backward.
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    Mojotone GA-5 Kit

    I only had to use a little heat shrink on the power tube cathode resistor and cap. I got it all soldered up, plugged it in to the current limiter and everything checked out. I fired it up and it worked great. It sounds a little less boxy than my Champ clone, is a little louder and has a bit more...
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    Mojotone GA-5 Kit

    I thought about that, but I was thinking that the heat shrink might offer a little more protection.
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    Mojotone GA-5 Kit

    It turns out that the leads on the caps and resistors are long enough to reach on their own without splicing them to wires for the most part. I am going to use heat shrink on some of the leads for safety but had to order more to finish. I also ordered some metal film 220k plate resistors as the...
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    Mojotone GA-5 Kit

    Got it.