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    NGD! Second time lucky..

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    "Wouldn't be caught dead..."

    Playing golf.
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    Butter or Margarine?

    Never tried margarine.
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    What you think of this?

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    Yep, it's Florida!

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    anybody into synthesizers?

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    NGD '16 LP Standard Tea Burst

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    Today's kids losing the classics

    Teach. Your children well.
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    Do you own any odd/one of a kind instruments?

    I have a guitar with the body carved from Italian marble. Unique.
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    I avoid crowds whenever possible as well.
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    Back in the Saddle

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    Anton Yelchin, dead at the age of 27

    You just... never... know.
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    I can't imagine re-watching any of that stuff these days. Maybe Gilligan's Island. I think maybe they could re-invent a couple of them though, like Lost in Space (don't care for the orig), or Mission Impossible.
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    I love me some 'lectricity!

    Too bad, what a waste. I keep meaning to pick up a small generator for similar events, like to power the fridge, etc. but never do.

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