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    NGD: 2021 Standard 50s in Iced Tea Burst

    Dear lord I would love that exact guitar.. :wow: completely stunning very happy for you -chris
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    NGD after a long hiatus...

    Welcome back to the cult.. thats Incredibly cool… love it and am happy for you :h5: -chris
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    NGD LP Special

    Very cool…nothing better than a new lester :h5: -chris
  4. Christosterone

    How to identify model?

    fair retail price imho i would offer 1450 and be happy at $1575, maybe $1600 If it’s perfect -chris
  5. Christosterone

    How to identify model?

    U can always look under the pups heres a couple of mine…most have it, some dont one is an hp std(I routed a 3rd pup) and the other an hour trad
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    New Gibson Generation Acoustic Guitars Announced

    I like new and shiny gibsons ha -chris
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    2020 Studio

    That’s gorgeous.. Congrats -chris
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    New Gibson Generation Acoustic Guitars Announced

    I wish they would build a 12 string acoustic around this price point… id buy it in a heartbeat.. these are cool imho -chris
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    Late NGD: Freddie King ES345!

    345 is a bucket list dream guitar congrats on a stunner…love the fret inlays -chris
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    Ebony boards

    dude wtf?? I need to play that guitar…that is an effing masterpiece though I can only play 6/12 strings, Id still love to try it :wow: :h5: -chris
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    New Guitar Daze - NGD x 3

    The word America Hero comes to mind… the 3 pup sg is effing bananas….wow you have exquisite taste across the board…..well played :bowdown -chris
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    NGD 2018 Les Paul Classic Player Plus

    Dear god that is badass…absolutely killer top classics, especially when they have these tops, are unequalled… every choice is perfect…the knobs are bananas imho congrats…very happy for you :h5: also, the tear drop on @01GT Eibach ’s lester is perfect…I don’t know how gibson employs such...

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