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    NGD x 2

    I think on the right guitar, dots can look great.
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    NGD x 2

    Just for you, buddy.
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    NGD x 2

    For whatever reason, I’ve always preferred humbuckered SGs to have the classic red stain and P90 specials in different colors like Pelham, white, etc. maybe it’s the black plastic P90s covers.
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    NGD x 2

    Thanks. Maybe I’ll get some more time to make a longer video....
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    NGD x 2

    Just a quick taste of the SG
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    NGD x 2

    I thought about the sparkling burgundy version for a second. Cool color, but I wanted a little something different. Thanks! Cherry plains and goldtops are my favorite carved LPs.
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    NGD x 2

    Thanks. A cranked Princeton with an overdrive pedal is something to behold. It’s a sweet ride.
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    NGD x 2

    Literally got the LP today but hadn’t posted about the SG since I got it a while back. 2016 LP traditional. With Seymour Duncan antiquities and Emerson PIO caps. 2018 SG special with mojotone PIO caps, 500k pots. Gonna throw on an ABR bridge and some keystone tuners for the LP. Then it’s good...
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