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    If only it came with a matching bowling ball...
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    WTB: Best Gibson LP for $3k

    Or P90's...the list goes on and on...
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    Making Brass Bridge Posts

    Not all "brass" is created equal. Looks like lamp parts maybe? Make sure they are not some yellow colored pot metal. They might be quite soft too.
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    Help with wiring. Is this kit missing the ground connections

    That ain't the way I'd do it. I need to do an online soldering demo one of these days (or maybe there is one out there, I dunno). Maybe an MS Teams meeting...Hmmm. My guitar playing would be much less rewarding if I didn't know how to solder correctly.
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    Bonamassa Black Beauty Review.. Great Axe!!

    Looks like they still have them in stock on the Epiphone site. Should I get another and put it in the closet? Hmmm....
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    Bonamassa Black Beauty Review.. Great Axe!!

    The Joe B. '58 Custom is hard to put down. I've a wall of great guitars and the Joe B. Custom gets the lift almost every time. Truly sublime.
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    Does the back grain pattern have any affect on resonance, sustain, sound quality, etc?

    LOL! I was just looking at a $300 Hurst pistol grip shifter for my Mustang GT with auto trans. Pretty sure I could squeeze out another pony or two with it and the right $150 tune.
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    Strings causing tailpiece to tilt

    Sorry you are having such problems! I can't imagine why the posts keep pulling out. Although, I'd have left it a couple days just to make sure the glue was well cured before I did anything. Was the glue totally cured and hard? At this point I think if it were me I'd be mixing up some epoxy...
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    Strings causing tailpiece to tilt

    Hate to be that guy...I did warn you about that: " Also be careful with the finish around the hole. It is both sharp and prone to chipping. Before starting, chamfer the finsh around the hole. "
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    WTB: Best Gibson LP for $3k

    This post is kinda silly. All these suggestions and no one has an idea what is best for the OP. An R8 can be a great guitar but what if the OP can't stand thick necks? Then it's not so great. There is no one objective best Les Paul for $3K.
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    Show off your Les Paul Blueberry Burst

    Interesting. Would love to see a non-photoshopped version taken in daylight. Really nice guitar.
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    epiphone with gibson style headstock?

    Yeah, cool guitar for sure!
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    WTB: Best Gibson LP for $3k

    What an odd question. No one can really answer that for you. Besides, for you the best Les Paul could only cost $800. Sounds like a potential waste of 3 large.

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