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    Favorite Bob Dylan Guitar Songs

    Bob Dylan has played with some big time, talented guitarists. What is your favorite Dylan guitar song to play? I'm looking for something with a cool rhythm, i.e. Like a Rolling Stone, even though the leads and background fills, especially the Charlie Sexton stuff, is awesome.
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    Promote Your Band!

    Where are you guys based?
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    Rhythm Guitarists

    The more I play (which is honestly a lot right now with all the down time) the more I realize how much I like rhythm playing. I've rediscovered players like Keith Richards who did so much with rhythm guitar. Can someone suggest some other rhythm players or songs that have interesting rhythm...
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    Post an original song you wrote!

    I wrote this about a year ago. We’ve been playing it live and at practice and now have it about to where we want it. Sometimes when we play it, it gets really heavy, which is a lot of fun. Just depends on our mood. I made this video last night with stock images, hope no one knows any of these...
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    Post an original song you wrote!

    This is a snippet from a show my band Orifice did a few weeks ago in Baltimore.
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    Gigging Guitarists - which 100% reliable wireless system do you use?

    I came across this one in a review. I figured I could just use it for practice but I liked it so much I started gigging with it. No issues at all and I love the freedom.
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    Pro Jr, oh yeah, it’s loud enough

    I had a gig last week with my band, Orifice, at a small bar here in Baltimore. I thought my Marshall head with a cabinet would be overkill so I took my little Fender Pro Jr. initially I was worried about it being loud enough. I used it in rehearsal and thought it would be fine. Turned out great...
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    How do you jam with MP3’s

    I do the same thing, but I added a blue tooth receiver I got from amazon so I don‘t have to plug in my phone or tablet.
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    Starting Originals Band

    Love the idea of hitting more shows and meeting bands like us. I just heard from a bowling alley (!!) that wants to book us for few shows over the winter. I'm actually pretty psyched for it. As far as a website goes, we don't have a traditional one. I started a Facebook page with a about 200...
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    Starting Originals Band

    I really appreciate everyone's feedback, there's a lot of good information here. I am not really trying to make money at this, so starting a cover band really has no appeal. I'm trying to figure out how long it takes to get some regular gigs, mostly at small venues that try and promote original...
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    Starting Originals Band

    I started a Baltimore based band about one year ago and we have written and recorded around ten original songs. We have had about 3 or 4 gigs in that time and turned down 1 or 2 others. Honestly though I'm getting frustrated that we aren't playing out more. I know I just need to stay with it and...
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    Tool streaming their music!

    I also collect vinyl but most of my listening is through streaming services while I’m driving so I am very psyched about this. I didn’t know there was a station on Pandora.
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    Tool streaming their music!

    Never thought I’d see this! Or maybe I was waiting to see how long it would take, either way, it is very cool.
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    NAD: Fender Limited Tweed Pro Junior

    I use an attenuator with mine and it works great. When the family goes out I go all in until the walls shake!
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    In the middle of nowhere, i just met the Godfather of Punk!!!!!

    In the 80's I was at Trash and Vaudeville on St Marks buying some Creepers. Richard Butler from Psychedlic Furs was sitting next to me so I got his input on which color to go with. Just another day in the East Village.

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