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    Tone Experiment - it's all in the neck?

    You’re all crazee! It's the floor coverings. Look at a picture of any great band rehearsing and there’s a pile of rugs on the floor. Rug tones, ftw. ... and of course, the best rugs are made in MoRocko! (I’ll get my coat...)
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    Preview of New FEZZ album

    We NEED some Fezz in the UK, too. (It's only fair, as we did invent R'n'R ;) )
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    How will you spend your next stimulus check?

    He’s a grundlist.
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    Tiny House

    Does it have power, or is it an acoustic house?
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    It don't come easy!

    Ringo doesn’t need any ‘aids’, he’s known to favour the Bach door.
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    Don’t know where to start.....

    The human race never ceases to amaze (and dissapoint) me. WTF is a gender reveal device?
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    The End of Tiger Woods?

    Yeah, and I bet he’s got a front loading washing machine too, [email protected]! ;)
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    Eddie inspired Looks quite good.
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    Had to get a new washing machine.... grrrr!

    Never had mildew of odour in a front loader, although keep door & detergent draw open in between uses as above. Also run it on an empty 90 degree wash once a month. I do recall having a twin tub machine when I was a small kid. So small, that I could hide in it when playing hide and seek.
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    Had to get a new washing machine.... grrrr!

    Rarely see top loaders over here. In the 22 years I’ve been in this house, we’re on our 3rd washing m/c. Always by the basic model of a good brand, Bosch, Neff, etc. Think only had one repair on a machine too, door switch, fixed under warranty.
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    I Have Terrible News

    Don’t worry, the curvy woman is divorcing the fat ass.
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    Dogs / Dog/Puppy Appreciation Thread...No Cats Allowed (Merged)

    6 month old Whippet, Frisbee
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    Y’all play with your prey too long

    Oof! That hertz
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    Who REALLY invented Rock and Roll music?

    Nickelback. Just that none of you have been brave enough to admit it.

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