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    EDS 1275 - mid 70's Restoration - Aug 2019 - Final update !!!

    You could try asking my luthier/amigo outside of Fort Worth, Texas (via a virtual request, no need to travel). He wired my Epi 1275 clone when he replaced all 4 pickups, the pots, etc. PM me for his email address.
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    Are the Pots used by Gibson in their Reissue Les Paul any good?

    Gibson Custom Shop pots are just fine ... unless you're super anal, which I am. But YMMV
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    NGD bought this a few weeks ago 9 9125

    How much was it?
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    Nickle Bridge & Tailpiece Oxidation

    Send them to me. PM me for my USPS address.
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    Brand new to Gibsons, need advice with a $3,000 budget!

    Check out the Orville guitars on Reverb.
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    Where are all of the “affordable” Reissues

    I recently nailed a fabulous R9 from Marks Guitar Loft for about $3400. Outstanding custom shop reissue and priced well below the insane range. Keep looking.
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    Nice. GLWTS
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    Gibson Demo Shop on Reverb The blurbs are out on the internet. Lots of Les Pauls at the link.
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    What do you think about a mid 1980s P-90 Pickup?

    My take on P90's is 1) Gibson P90s are good if they are not ceramic 2) Anything ceramic in a guitar pickup is a pandemic spreader center 3) Boutique P90's range from good to really, mind-blowingly good. 4) only thing possibly better is a Zhangbucker Firebird pickup.
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    In memory of the 2015's - this time the JRs

    Acknowledged. The P90 would be an easy swap. But not the neck profile.
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    SG Maestro Olive Drab Green

    Sweet. The Gibson version (cherry) is $2K. You scored.
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    In memory of the 2015's - this time the JRs

    Man, remember the 2015 Gibson Les Paul JR SC's? I own 2 of them, a sunburst and a cherry. Both have had their robotuners replaced by old-school Klusons. I consider these to be among the best Gibson off-shoots. Would I prefer to have a Lukas Nelson '56 SC? Sure, but not by much. (note the 'k')...
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    Kim Deals Goldtop

    Yup. My 1980 Standard certainly does.
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    Opportunity to buy back my old Les Paul... Thoughts.?

    Understood. And I empathize ... like a huge mo' I sold my 1952 Les Paul (original, P90's, trapeze bridge, goldtop). If it were offered today at today's prices I would have to suffer the pain of passing on it. So, I get where you're coming from. I just think that you're about to pay over $4K...

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