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    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    I'm a little biased and most my guitars sport the same brand.... but my 2011 Trad Faded LTD has Guitarforce LoTBs
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    What’s up with Dimarzio?

    We're paying 3-4x the usual price for wood 'round here. Built a deck and shed that each cost waaaayyyy more than they should have, but what can a guy do. Haven't had anny issue with my pickup parts supplies (yet) aside from some slightly longer shipping times. I think they individually...
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    WTB Gibson 57 Classic pickups 90s-2005

    The wire was the biggest change. From proper PE to dyed Poly. Some say there's no difference and I envy their ears, but I hear a difference. For those who can hear it, the earlier sets were amazing, the later sets are dead.
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    I think you still have time to correct your mistakes ;)
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    JB Amos pickups going in my Custom

    I have the other two JB sets and love them both, but never tried the Amos set. Do let us know how they sound!
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    Guitarforce Lord Of The Blues

    2011 L&M Canadian LTD Trad Faded. Sporting a set of delicious LoTBs. :cheers2:
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    Damaged bobbins (pics)

    What he said.
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    ~ Sigil Pickups - 27.5% SALE ON NOW!

    The sale is done, thanks to all who participated! The latest orders will be done up and shipped out this week with tracking. Anyone who missed it, you can still get a discount with the coupon code MLPMember which isn't quite 27.5% but my way of showing appreciation for the fine folks here that...
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    ~ Sigil Pickups - 27.5% SALE ON NOW!

    Sale ends tonight at Midnight!
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    ~ Sigil Pickups - 27.5% SALE ON NOW!

    Only a couple more days to get your pickups at 27.5% off. Coupon Code is HomeSchooled
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    Dimarzio's defending their double cream

    Yes sir, that's one of the colors listed on that pic I linked. I think it was a mistake for them to let it slip, but more likely it's an attempt at a sign of acting in good faith.
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    ~ Sigil Pickups - 27.5% SALE ON NOW!

    Well, the standard winds do have one advantage over custom jobbies; if you buy a pickup from me and it sucks in any way (ie: doesn't fit your needs, sounds bad in your setup, etc) then you have 30 days to return it in exchange for something else. Custom stuff is only returnable if it's DOA...
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    Dimarzio's defending their double cream

    One of the ongoing 'interpretations' of this situation is that the biggest problem with the whole thing is they refuse to indicate exactly which shade of cream they have TM'd and go after anyone using any shade of cream which would be a bit of a misrepresentation by modern standards... but they...
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    ~ Sigil Pickups - 27.5% SALE ON NOW!

    Still active and valid for anything on the list, or even custom build ideas.
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    ~ Sigil Pickups - 27.5% SALE ON NOW!

    Going to run this sale for another week, ending this coming Sunday. :acoustic: - Code: HomeSchooled

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