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    Wound My First Pickups Today

    Hell yeah Rayne, but to be fair I'm still learning :run: Everything I learned (well, aside from the failures and successes of practice) was from the people on this forum. There's a lot of resources out there and a lot of misinformation disguised in marketing claims and secrecy implying insider...
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    Private Pickup Collection Sale

    Top post cleaned up.
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    Joyo JW-03 Wireless

    I'm using mine on the Yamaha Silent guitar into a Spark amp. It's dreamy!
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    who makes Relic gold pickup covers

    It's an artform unto itself really!
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    who makes Relic gold pickup covers

    I agree and disagree with BadMongo... I suck at aging artificially ie: just never been happy with my results although I'm sure they're 'passable' Two of the best in the business for making things look proper old are James at ReWind @cooljuk and Alex at Wizz @The Thruth .
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    Joyo JW-03 Wireless

    I was browsing around on Reverb the other day and stumbled across a nice looking Line6 wireless system on sale for $250 and semi local. I've always liked the idea but never really had a need so filed them in the back of my mind. Through Google-Spy-Magic, I saw a wireless guitar setup for a...
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    Private Pickup Collection Sale

    Bump for offers. I listed a bike and boat today on local classifieds; I'm in a house clearing kind of mood so hit me up ;)
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    Tim Shaw or T-Tops?

    No sir, I've had a whole bunch of T-Tops and Shaws (and other Gibson stuff) through the years but have never personally even seen the Schaller bobbins aside from pics here. Those are 100% Schaller though from the info posted by other people in the know; those weird little spacer-legs are a dead...
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    What PAF type pickups would be best for me?

    Great in theory, but not really practical. I'm sure there was a price differential for Mr. West of maybe 50-70% at most between his choice of amps at the time and that Marshall. For a set of pickups, $400+ VS $4000+ is a little bit more of a gap. But it's true, real PAF tone is the only true...
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    Private Pickup Collection Sale

    bump, offers welcome

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