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    No problem

    No problem
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    260 obo plus shipping

    260 obo plus shipping
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    1979 Gibson chainsaw case Gen 2

    Selling a near mint 1979 Gibson Chainsaw Case Gen 2. All latches working no cracks or rips. In amazing shape. Asking $260 obo and shipping. I will accept venmo for payment. PM me and I will send you photo's
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    Chainsaw case gen 2

    Anyone interested in a Gen 2 chainsaw case? One latch broke but have a replacement on order. Other than that it's in perfect condition.
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    The one song you enjoy playing the most?

    Texas Flood SRV
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    Wearing a guitar pick necklace

    WHAT HE SAID:lol:
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    Sorry Zakk. This is how you do it...

    Well you saved me the time of typing this!!!!! WEll Said:dude:
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    Your first "guitar solo"

    Pride and Joy SRV
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    Two Pretty Les Pauls

    The Root 'Black Betty' LEADBELLY, Blues Legend - YouTube
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    Two Pretty Les Pauls

    The Melvins Melvins - Black Betty - YouTube
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    Two Pretty Les Pauls

    Metal...... Black Betty Metal Cover - YouTube
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    Two Pretty Les Pauls

    The Loaf getting in on it.......LOL Meat Loaf "Black Betty" - YouTube
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    Two Pretty Les Pauls

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just spit coffee all over my computer.............. Tom Jones - black betty - YouTube
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    Two Pretty Les Pauls

    Man you see when you get onder you need to move to the Telly for the weight....... BLACK BETTY by Bill Bartlett of Ram Jam 2009 - YouTube
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    Two Pretty Les Pauls

    Interesting piece of Trivia about this song and Band. Bill Bartlett Lead Guitar and singing the song Black Betty, only sang this song because he recorded it with the band he was in before. The song was only about a minute long and they re did it when they formed Ram Jam. The crazy guy dancing...

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