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    Buying vintage guitars to strip parts - Bad mojo, right?

    Caffeine and resentment interfering with your reading comprehension, Matt? Here...I'll walk you through it. I supported the poster's decision to save the mangled old removed frets because I, too, know that there are people out there (said doofuses) who would care about said pieces of mangled...
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    Buying vintage guitars to strip parts - Bad mojo, right?

    I understand what you're doing and don't fault you, but anybody who is impressed by a baggie of dinked up old frets is a doofus. Maybe ONE, if you think you might want the measurements for a meticulous restoration.
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    SOLD: Real 1960's Stratocaster Pickup Set

    The desecration of the buyer...:rofl::dude:
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    Lightweight tailpieces on MIJ?

    I mess with a LOT of guitars. I have a fairly good pile and an active revolving door. I also do work for several local pros. I've put this damn lightweight Gotoh tailpiece on the majority of the guitars that have crossed my bench, and I've never heard a difference. The caveat is, I'm 58 and have...
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    Lightweight tailpieces on MIJ?

    I have one that came on a Lester I bought used. I've tried it on several guitars and have never noticed a difference. Bridges are another story.
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    What is a good tube amp to use touch dynamics?

    Iiiiiiiiinteresting! My kneejerk reaction would be tube rectified. I consider my 5f6a Bassman to be extremely dynamic/touch sensitive, like what I would imagine a Dumble would be. OTOH, with sag comes compression which would tend to even out dynamics.... About 30 years ago I was romanced by a...
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    Advice requested: What happened to this top? What can I do about it?

    I'm with @Hogie34. Looks like dye from a rag. I've had great luck with swirl remover and hand Glaze from the auto parts store. They are effective yet non-aggressive. Even if it doesn't work, you can't really screw up the finish.
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    Have you ever had a similar problem?? (LP +TOPpro vs the world...)

    Eeenteresting! My inclination would have been to say tube rectifier for sag would be more dynamic. OTOH...I dislike compressors for their lack of dynamics. For awhile I was romanced by a Vibroverb Reissue because the notes so obviously 'jumped' out of it; but then I began to miss my 5E3 Deluxe...
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    Chambering A Les Paul, A Different Approach

    Bucksaw! Subscribed!!!!
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    Historic '56 Lefty tone controls

    The only difference with a lefty pot is, the wire is on one outside lug instead of the other. The middle wire stays the same. Just swap your wires one lug at a time from the old pot to the new.
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    NVDD - (new vintage Dobro day)

    Square necks are so much cheaper than round necks. I wonder if one could carve a square neck down... It's funny, though...the vintage guys are totally not married to the necks on these's all about the body. I wanted to have a neck straightened (no truss rod) and a surprising number...
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    NVGD and a question.

    I wonder if my my would be that light without the term stuff... I'm not among the lighter us better crowd, but I have a buddy with a similar strat that must be 12#. It's like someone put a chunk of lead in the term cavity for a joke. I damn near dropped it when he first handed it to me. My pinky...
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    Guitars with Stock jumbo and/or stainless frets?

    I LOVE the tall "railroad rails" on Firebirds

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