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    Yamaha Revstar Line

    Got mine, it rocks. Sits comfortably alongside side my lespauls and strats - :)
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    Whose tone do you try to emulate?

    Rich robinson, Marc Ford, Keef Richards and Steve Jones
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    the official Les Paul Traditional love thread

    Thanks NiteGoat. It's spending too much time in it's case at the moment (child no.2 due in 4 days!) but posting tho pics helped me remember how pretty it is... :)
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    Tone woods. Sorry I had to get some input.

    Probably air quality - air pressure, moisture content, temperature etc. influence as much the vibration of the strings as the wood does. Physically, due to the comparative amount of contact there may be reason to believe that air affects the tone more. The string is not vibrating in a vacuum...
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    Tone woods. Sorry I had to get some input.

    Pickups only pickup how the metal string vibrates in a magnetic field. How the sting vibrates is influenced by the material it is made from, the way it is struck and the properties of the anchor points at each end of the vibrating string. It's those anchor points that allow the wood to affect...
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    Artificially aging a guitar......Why?!!

    The best bit was when people who said that you shouldn't place so much importance on the appearance of your guitar then spent so long telling people why their guitars looked wrong. Two sides of the same coin
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    "Blue and green should never be seen"

    Blue and green is the older saying i understand, although the red and green combo is said in Scotland more nowadays. Google gives a million debates. Apparently some think it's yellow and green, but they're just lunatics. Great guitars everybody btw,can't stop looking through these pics...
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    "Blue and green should never be seen"

    I think the full on saying was blue and green should never be seen without another colour in between or something like that. In Scottish coz it's a scot saying. Anyway, I too enjoy making that fashion faux pas. :)
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    "Blue and green should never be seen"

    ... goes the old saying. Fashion advice aside, I don't agree! I already own a Blue Mist Les Paul and am currently eyeing up them there Inverness Green Traditional Pro IIs... Might be a Xmas pressie for me! So what I'd like to request is show me your blue or green LP's! Other custom colours are...
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    Gibson: Terrible Company, All Marketing and Myth

    No, no, no, no. You guys don't get it. Every purchase we make in every area of our lives is pure value for money with no profit, marketing or hype invovled in the exchange of funds in anyway. Gibson is the only company guilty of making an extra profit based on our desire to own things for...
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    How on Earth do I?!

    Thanks! It's just spray paints and a bunch of carving,sticking,sanding etc. was intending it to be very olive/drab...but in the end plumped for sea blue to make it a bit more fun :)
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    How on Earth do I?!

    So, this is how it ended up. Really enjoyed the journey,even if the destination wasn't what I set off for :)
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    The truth about the Billie Joe Juniors

    I remember when green day came out and I thought 'who the hell are these copy cats jumping on the quirky-punk-rock-post-grunge-thing bandwagon?' Turns out they were serious and stuck around for a few years ;) Not that BJ gives a flying fick, but him and his band earnt my respect over the years...
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    £8000 '88 standard?

    While I'm at it, what is going on here:

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