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    Cart Narcs

    Honestly, most states have laws that are not that different. Even California. They just don't call them "stand your ground"... the main difference being whether or not there is a duty to retreat. But regardless, use of deadly force is only warranted in the face of deadly force. It's why you...
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    Videos that make you go...WTF?

    I've got both of the drill/tap table shirts. No need to remember where I left the table... just look down.
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    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    :mad: No. Absolutely not. I will wear a standard mask where required to by my supervisor as a condition of my employment, but if it goes to this point, I will absolutely refuse to participate, and will refuse to patronize any business that requires it. The plexi shields already make it...
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    Cart Narcs

    The fact that he was defending another employee is what saved his ass. Good job! These attitudes in retail have changed VERY quickly. It was only about 12 years ago that a buddy working for Home Depot used to tackle shoplifters in the parking lot and detain them for the cops. Now, they don't...
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    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    Was going to say that open carry in NYC does not mean the same thing that it means to even someone in California. It's easier to get a loaded gun onto an airplane than it is to legally carry one in NYC.
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    2017 LP tribute

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    Videos that make you go...WTF?
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    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    Could be... Direct Facebook image links come through like that because I have a Facebook Container to stop FB from tracking activity outside of FB. If I "view image" on a FB posting, I get "stuck" on that and my back button doesn't work. But yours came from a different source...
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    Solder question

    60/40 Rosin core. I don't know what "W-419" flux is, but if it is acid core, do not use it. You could test it be making a connection to copper and letting it sit for a while to see if it begins to corrode, but I'm sure you don't want to wait weeks/months to find out. Personally? Go with "known...
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    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    And the dirty little secret about "compostable" products is that they don't. They can't be composted in the popular back yard composters. They don't break down in landfills. They need to be composted in big commercial composting facilities. As of a year ago, California only had one such...
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    Xi Says China Won’t Return to Planned Economy, Urges Cooperation, and Starts Apology Thread on Backstage

    They were somewhat forced to after we forced them to rebuild their industrial infrastructure. Meanwhile, in 1990 when I worked at Douglas, the MD80 and MD11 were being built on machines that were bought when the DC3 was in production.
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    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    Ya, but we have to beg for them. Pisses me off. The server is there to serve me.... I am paying for that service. They should offer if policy is not to automatically provide. How long is it going to be before we are required to ask for utensils, because, well... we CAN eat with our fingers...
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    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    Not sure what's up, but the bulk of your posts the last week have been coming through blank. If I copy and paste the link, it comes back with the URL expired... not sure where you're linking them from.
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    Quick apology time.

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    Opinions please about this 2016 Traditional

    +1 It's a Trad... the knobs aren't going to impact the resale down the road. It's easy and cheap enough to replace them with what would have been correct for that model. I swapped out my '60s reflectors for gold speedknobs. Bought amber as well, but didn't care for the look. The amber bells...

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