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    Store WITH a great stock of NEW Gibson guitars!!!

    I don’t remember when Daddy’s closed. I went to the one in Danvers all the time, still have a Peavy Delta Blues from there. Being in northern MA I never really went to Manchester until I discovered the Music Mill, now I drive by two GC’s to get there and it’s worth it.
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    Store WITH a great stock of NEW Gibson guitars!!!

    My favorite local business, Manchester Music Mill in tax free NH, has 57 new Gibson’s in stock right now. When I bought my Classic on New Years Eve they brought out a variety of Classics and Studios and a few Standards for me to try, definitely a great experience when you have options! Great...
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    NGD! My very first Gibson...Les Paul standard 60’s

    Beautiful, congrats and enjoy!!
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    NGD on Gibsunday - '50s Standard Tobacco Burst

    Very beautiful - congrats! I like it with the pickguard but would be curious to see it without. That weight is crazy - my Classic is a hair under 10 pounds and it has weight relief!
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    NGD! Here's why your NGD "steal" .... wasn't.

    This same exact thread, minus the garbage coming out of Nashville bit, was also on Strat-talk. Surprised I haven’t seen it on the PRS forum yet. 36 fakes come in to the country and suddenly every used guitar is fake, and we’re all suckers.
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    Does owning a great model of a guitar make you want a second one?

    It took me a while to get over the hump of ‘why do I need a second one of these’ but then one day I figured it’s kind of like clothes - t shits are t shirts but sometimes you want to wear that beat Led Zeppelin shirt and sometimes it’s a solid color t shirt. Variety is a great thing!
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    NGD 60's Standard Lemonburst - SW AAA

    kinda new to US Les Pauls still so pardon my ignorance, but explain Costa Rican cases vs. Chinese?
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    NGD 60's Standard Lemonburst - SW AAA

    Beautiful - love the chevron flames. What Fralins did you get?
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    Classic vs. Standard 60s!

    I was fortunate that my local dealer just got a shipment in the day I showed up so I was able to try a large variety of Classics and Standards. Honestly wasn’t much to choose between the Classic and the 60’s Standard tone or feel wise, I’d have been happy with any of the 7 they had, but the one...
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    Plain vs Flame. Less is More ?

    I like the less predictable nature of plain!
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    Tea Time! NGD Content

    Killer top, excellent color - enjoy!!
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    Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute P-90

    Also interested - I want something with P 90’s next, but I don’t think I want P 90’s enough to justify the significant step up to the Original.
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    NGD........Part 2 of 2020 Standard !!

    Looks killer - enjoy!
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    New member and NGD

    The added benefit of the Les Paul is the Silver Sky now feels like a feather! They really are a great combo, I’m quite thrilled with both.
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    New member and NGD

    Greetings all - been lurking around for a while and finally signed up. Mostly a Strat style player but I’ve had some Epiphone LP’s in the past. Decided I wanted a Gibson and thought for sure I was going to get a Studio in Tangerine Burst but my local shop just got this Classic in fresh from...

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