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    Anyone score one of the Adam Jones Les Pauls?

    Having said silverbursts are ugly, to each his own. Some people love them and good for them. The market is way ahead of you. Gibson have been teasing the Adam Jones' for a while and people were already starting to pay higher prices for the Norlin customs, not just the silverbursts.
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    November 2020 BTOTM

    Ill commit to doing a take this month, kudos to you Orange Lester for keeping this going. One suggestion - include the bpm in the post and crop the track so it starts on click. Makes it easier for some to find their footing.
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    Anyone score one of the Adam Jones Les Pauls?

    10 years ago you could have picked up an original (same era as Jones') silverburst for peanuts because theyre ugly as sin. 2020...3-5X the new price on the used market 24 hours after release. :wtf:
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    Lets see your #1 Les Paul

    I didn't think it was possible to hear a picture...until now :acoustic:
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    Geez thats a looker! Nice pick up.
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    Your favourite used dealer?

    Really appreciating the recommendations guys, thank you. Ive got a little list together to peruse every now and again. Private purchases internationally can be a bit sketchy, thats not to cast aspersions on any of the members here, unless its a member who is well known as a bit of a "dealer"...
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    Your favourite used dealer?

    Hey all, **Mods: apologies if this thread breaks guidelines, Im asking for recommendations not dealer spam** I have a hankering for a used R7 Goldie but unfortunately I live in Australia where guitar choice and pricing is....lets just say disappointing. I'm happy to import from a reputable US...
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    NGD: 2011 R9

    It really is "watermelon", I like it :dude:
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    Plain tops need love too

    Ok Ill R8
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    NGD: Gibson Les Paul 50s Standard

    Hell of a guitar. Ive got multiple guitars that have the clear coat overrun on the side of the nut. Nothing to be concerned about.
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    NGD - Gibson Slash Les Paul Standard November Burst!

    Geez that thing is gorgeous, nice score!
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    December 2019 - Backing Track of the Month

    Decided to have a crack at this. Took about a dozen takes to work out what I wanted to do. Grabbed my Edwards E-LP-105CD/P (LP Custom with P90s clone) and recorded in a single take (hence the poor timing and sloppy runs :) ) 80s rock isnt really my thing but this was fun.
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    I Unhate JB

    People have different tastes, no problems, but he seems to draw a lot of "hate" for no apparent reason. If there's one thing I think we can all agree on, its that he is not only preserving some of the finest instruments ever created, but also playing them so we arent left wondering what they...
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    NGD 1998 R6 Road Warrior

    SD actually does a good P90. I have the SP90s in a LP Custom clone and its one of the few guitars I have where I haven't felt compelled to switch the pickups out.
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    Makeover has begun

    Geez thats a hell of a finish. Nice work.

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